World Cup in Russia will be the best in the world due to the use of technology

In 2018 in Russia will be a bright and large-scale international event — the FIFA World Cup. The experience of other countries that already plays host to such an important event, an important role in the success of the competition has to use new information and communication technologies, which are designed to ensure a smooth exchange of information, quality and organization of the unity government.

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) makes to the organizing country championship high demands on a number of parameters. One of the main requirements of FIFA — the safety of all persons associated with the event: teams, fans and official delegations. Security of the tournament should be an absolute national priority and provides a continuous 24 hours a day, not only in the stadiums during matches, but also at any point in the territory of the host cities.

Of fundamental importance for the solution of this difficult and responsible task is the construction of a modern IT infrastructure to cope with the explosive growth of traffic in a crowded and maintain a perfect operation of all communication systems, including systems for mission-critical communications emergency. So, for the FIFA World Cup in Germany was a creation of the largest converged network, bringing together more than 70 communication centers and connection points for the Euro 2012 in Ukraine have put in place a system of emergency calls on a single number "112", in which every day in the period the competition recorded 16,000 hits.

According to international experience, specifically to the needs of the event creates a situation center, which is the collection and analysis of all incoming data, the use of coordinated response in the event of emergencies, as well as meetings are held responsible persons.

To adequately meet the test of strength, situational center should accumulate innovative technologies of automatic data processing and decision support, ranging from the monitoring of the status of various objects and processes, including intelligent video surveillance and navigation based on GLONASS / GPS, and ending prediction based on simulations . 

According to Alexei Kozhemyako, General Director of the NGO RIC-Systems — an industry expert in the design and implementation of automated systems and software systems, high efficiency situation centers is not possible without the support of unified information duty and dispatch services of the city and of the Federation, duty and dispatch emergency services. Using the strengths and resources of EDDS significantly increase the possibility of Russian authorities and operational services for better organization of the World Cup and the safety of the participants, fans and infrastructure.

"Developing the idea of multi-bus system, we as a company is a system integrator committed to provide not only the convergence of networks and channels of communication, but also services and the services, information resources and information systems through the development of innovative solutions to common duty and dispatch services — says A. Kozhemyako. — According to statistics, the first chance to win the World Cup — to hold it at home, so that Russia has all chances to become a triumphant tournament in 2018 and to organize it at the highest level through the use of advanced information and communication technologies. "

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