Yarmoshina — about the presidential decree

The decree states: the right to impose its own representatives to the CEC have political parties. But not all, but only those who propose their own candidates.
Presidential Decree number is 13. This gave the base CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina skaazts:
"I have 12 years working with the official certified under the same number. Because I believe this figure is very happy and successful themselves. This means that for the whole of the central committee."
Honored Lawyer of Belarus Mieczyslaw Mushroom draws attention at that point of the decree, which established that a CEC member with a deliberative vote can not "participate in examinations held by the Central Commission":
"Sit down, go forth, lyamkaytse … And we have to check not take. And nothing will show. And if you will not be admitted to the checks, what is the use of these advisers? Decree entered no nothing new for the democratization of the electoral process," — says Sovereign Mushroom.
Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus Lena Skrigan in the last election in the House of Representatives has been a member of the Central Executive Committee in an advisory capacity. She agrees that the new decree does not improve the status of party representatives in the CEC.
However, from experience 2004, Lena Skrigan believes that opposition political parties can not ignore its consulate in the CEC:
"I think, it’s all the same principle. After all, we have the experience of the last parliamentary elections. Then CEC members with deliberative vote had the opportunity to and ask questions and get answers, and serve with your comments, suggestions. And in some ways it can, and act on the results of the vote. Since many candidates, which the county commission refused registration were still registered by the Central Commission. "

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