Yarmoshyna: The opposition is preparing for failure

Now in the second half of a day or Lidia Yermoshina introduced members of the House of Representatives decree number 13. Do deputies to the Chairman of the CEC does not add any of the 1st issue.
But talking to reporters at the CEC Chairman accomplished. By As the last, I asked Ms. Yermoshina otkommentirovat criticism Presidential Decree:
"I think that the criticism of the decree by opposition parties — is nothing but a preparation for failure. Because the first is not a bad democratic action is needed to disavow. That later, on September 29, said:" We are pre-Reggio Islands -Do! "
Now the list of candidates from the United Democratic Forces in the district election commissions little corrected. Coordinator of the campaign "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko explains these acts as follows:
"Fundamentally our list may not undergone configurations. CEC But compared to the previous elections changed the electoral boundaries. We focused on border elections four years ago. And in a new version of something taken away somewhere, somewhere added."
In a list of 110 names changed only one thing — refused to run in the district commission last head of the Belarusian country Mieczyslaw Mushroom. I asked the Emperor Mushroom why he did:
"This — my personal approach. Why do I need this commission? Why should I sit there? I do not see any sense."
Substitution of the former chairman Supreme Council there, said Viktor Kornienko. The list will be used as 110 people, the number of district committees. And how many of them fall into the commissions?
Secretary of the Communist Party of Communists Belarusian Skrigan Lena says that in past parliamentary elections, in 2004, or 1 representative of the opposition were not included in the district commissions. And there worked almost half thousand people. On what grounds was denied the opposition? — Interested Madame Skrigan:
"States that no such work experience that your people are not prepared. In some cases, states that you have brought their proposals very late. With 13 competitors, the number of members of the district committee, we have already achieved. Who first brought that 1 First and turned on. Our people come first, and in particular the registration journal for some reason have been 15th or 16th. A certain nothing explained. because we voted — and everything. "

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