Yu Hubarevich: Exception Michalevic not work

"The meeting was attended by 48 members of the Diet, and the fourth is 20 votes, 50 percent, but not the best part. Least for solutions required 25 votes. "
The event itself Hubarevich praised as "sweep opponents in the party."
"I think that will not be split. People here are very confident for a role in party work. But I do not exclude that there will be a departure from the active work those people, that bind his subsequent work with the BPF party. Similar situation happened with us in 1999 and in 2001. "
Hubarevich itself remains deputy chairman of the party and will continue to work in this office and participate in parliamentary elections. But he did not rule out that some may argue for his expulsion from the party.
Chairman of the Audit Committee meeting last Sojma BPF Yuri Chausov noted that none of the members of the committee voted against the decision to exclude Michalevic. (Two members of the committee voted for one — abstained.)
"In voting assumed the role of 47 people. One person did not take the ballot, we believe that he was not. So makarom for the approval decision was quite 24 votes. "

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