Yuri Drakakhrust: Personnel explosion

All the last 14 years he has been one of the most influential, if not the most influential after the head of the country, the figure in the Belarusian its system, and its impact was traveling together with him in those positions that he held, was in the Security Council — Parliament has been a major element of decision-making, became attorney general — the prosecutor’s office has become a major inventory public policy.
True, here and there in the past year in the pro-government corridors were rumors that Shejman very weak, he would lose the hassle of hardware with the young generation of the entourage of President.
It is possible that segodnyaschy his resignation — the end of this fight. Hardly fruitful to speculate which version 4 July explosion confirms this resignation. Immediately after the explosion, expressed the view that he was prepared, so dyksredytavats Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov, who promptly organized security in celebration. But the minister remained in office as remained in office and the KGB chief Yuri Zhadobin. And suffered Security Council Secretary, who, if had to do with security on prazdnichkom then except in the most general terms.
Version of that explosion organized power itself resignation Sheiman and faster Nyavyhlas not confirm that to make such to get a base with one hand crushes the opposition, and on the other — to conduct cleaning personnel at the highest top, well, we will not exaggerate the authorities’ ability to play in such complex and multi-games. Explosion was most likely just a good excuse to put an end to a protracted skirmish hardware: Shejman owed leave, and found this completely legitimate and understandable basis.
As for his fellow sufferer Gennady Nyavyhlas, it should be noted afterdny — when he served as chief of staff — that was lost on the background of his own energetic deputy Natalia Petkevich. She cooked the laws they make responsible policy statements on behalf of the country, she met with foreign negotiators and Nyavyhlas was not heard and not seen.
But formally, as head of the presidential office he held specifically how people Sheiman. And now will not. For the same reason, though, as said at yesterday’s meeting of Lukashenka himself, Nyavyhlas was responsible for one political party celebration.
Will need to see who takes the current released eventually resignations positions. If it is the same Pyatkevich or someone else from, so to speak, "mladalukashenkavtsav", the version that the explosion was merely a pretext for the last phase of the Battle of hardware, there will be more believable.
Here it should be noted and the overall political strategy chosen by the power of lighting and the actions after the explosion. Freshly chief ideologist administration also "mladalukashenkavets" Vsevolod Yanchevskii tenderly said Lukashenko public word uttered there Tipo in first Minutka after the explosion: "Nothing to hide." And indeed, to inform the public about what happened yet, as there is a consequence, now appeared more well than usual at such important events. In this sense, and the resignation fit into this reaction proximal to the civilized — happened is missed, the society needs to submit the guilty and punish them.
You may recall that when there was a crush on Nemige, a number of officials, including and then chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Ermoshin themselves resigned. Lukashenko did not received any resignation and no one fired, although 50 people were killed then. Now, though, thank God, no one died, the resignation occurred, with the most sonorous of those who only could to present themselves.
Although states that hardware skirmish set point, perhaps not worth it. Sheiman was always close to Lukashenko, a few years back the head of the country was that such people, as Sheiman Paulichenka it surrenders ever. The current retirement Sheiman, to put it mildly, not a noble, this word outside contrary, but it is unclear where it goes Shejman with the post of Secretary of the Security Council. It is possible that and immediately, and most likely after a while, when the echo of July 4 extinguished, it will be on a principled position that will make even more fundamental.
Authoritarian rulers (well, not too authoritarian), always try to maintain a balance in the groups own environment. But it seems unlikely that Sheiman ever return for themselves the importance and the impact that had once. Specifically, he was sitting in the car next to Lukashenko time Liozna incident when he was a terrorist attack against Tipo presidential candidate. And as a terrorist act and can not attack, made 14 years later, sending him into political oblivion.
But maybe not for long …

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