Yuri Khadika: Compromise as a means out of the political crisis in the democratic camp

In Mon June 23 one of the founders and favorites BPF Yuri Khadika notes 70th anniversary.
He finished school with a gold medal, he worked at the Institute of Physics Academy Belarus. Ran a laboratory that counted the trajectory of missiles section opto-electronic reconnaissance assets in the commission of the USSR on the development of forecasting the development of weapons for 15 years. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Doctor. Thesis: "Optical properties of torches ballistic missiles."
Yuri immediately Khadika Ph.D. in art history, was one of the initiators of the creation of the academic museum old Belarusian culture. Wrote about 150 scientific papers on physics, about 200 scientific and technical reports and about 40 publications on the history of Belarusian art.
In 1988, he joined the democratic movement through year was elected Deputy Chairman BPF "Revival". From 1996 to 2000 Yu.Hodyko went to the supervisory board of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. And in 1997 he was appointed vice-rector of the People’s Institute. During his public activities a couple of times was behind bars, almost a month held a lifelong hunger strike.
What excites Yuri Khadika at the moment?
Khadika ‘inability to find and search for understanding. This applies to all of society, including and Democrats. From individual parties and structures to the UDF as a whole. We stabbed in itself, we argue byaspynna …
Because the search for a compromise on my eyes, are of mandatory condition for moving forward. Without this, we have not a lot of chances and prospects merit goal. Human uninhibited personal initiative should be combined with the public interest. Idea of national unity to overcome the political requests and mental divide in society. "
Globally, fundamentally questions the opposition presented a united force.
Another public editor week ordered journalists to prepare the transfer of Liberty on "compromise as a means out of the political crisis in the democratic camp." She sounded on Friday, June 27. And in a day or in the morning air Yuri Khadika will talk about the role of trade-offs in the life of modern Belarus.

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