Yushchenko poisoning suspects own friend

President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko said today at a press conference in Kiev that he suspected of involvement in the poisoning own four David Zhvania, the reverse, own former ally, a personal friend and godfather of the 1st of their own children.
Earlier This year Zhvania, Deputy pro-presidential parliamentary faction, stated that Yushchenko was poisoned himself just food, but a political assassination invented his advisers to raise the popularity of the then Yushchenko’s presidential election.
In October 2005, the then Attorney General of Ukraine Piskun said that the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko 2004 dyyaksynami was an attempt to assassinate a politician. Peeper, speaking at a press conference in Kiev, has not provided specific evidence of his own words.
Among other peeper said: "At this point in the investigation of the poisoning of Yushchenko not. This case was illegally closed in December former Attorney General Vasiliev. I currently started again criminal case attempt on Viktor Yushchenko. It was not just poisoning, it was attempted, and it will rassledavatstsa as attempted murder. "

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