Z.Paznyaka: People’s Front and the new revival began with Kurapaty

Sent to the "Freedom" snapshots comments public project editor, Zenon Pozniak Kurapaty opener.
5th round

Tour the rest of our listeners and website readers have sent a lot of photos of various kinds of archival and contemporary, reportage and species. From archival series released a set of 12 pictures sent Sergei Ablameyko (we show here 10).
Ninety-first Kurapaty. June 19, 1988. Photo courtesy of Sergey Ablameyko

In the photo shows a piece of 91 processions Kurapaty on June 19, 1988 (call it conditionally "March 88"). Picture made on the approach to Kurapaty on the ring road in the streets Miroshnichenko.
Prehistory such processions. Immediately after the publication of the article "Kurapaty — the road of perdition" to me (the archaeological site in Minsk) came from guys "Cleanup" (remember Sergei and Yuri Vitushko LAVRIK) with the idea to organize a march and rally in Kurapaty. No marches apart officious then in Belarus has not been done. We agreed talakovtsy slogans and set to work.
Permission for a rally in Kurapaty was not, but the Bolsheviks conspired to hold their own rally on Kurapaty to take matters into their own hands and confuse people brains. Permission for such officious meeting was given, caused him a place near the Opera House. But talakovtsy campaigned for Kurapaty.
Naturally, no general failed to extend disk imaging and funny day when we gathered on June 19 in the area at the junction of square Koltsov, graying and Logoysky path, it is very worried that anyone will in general. People suddenly flooded, thousands of them came (all gathered, maybe 7-10 thousand). How did they know — it’s surprisingly — in the main call each other and the news spread like lightning. All is depending on the society. Shocked people do not need to campaign, gather, even if read in a whisper.
91 on the photo perfectly clear how this is going to Kurapaty shocked people with slogans, posters with the children and entire families. Oh that’s really — "and who goes there? .."
And this, brothers, is already underway civilization, people who zazhalilisya vsvyadomilisya and common destiny, people thirst for righteousness and justice, which happens to have one of the whole people.
Ninety-second Kurapaty. June 19, 1988. Photo courtesy of Sergey Ablameyko

To verify this spiritual consciousness, look at the photo number 92 (call it conditionally "The memory of genocide"). This is the best and more impressive collection of photos that Sergej Ablameyko. Photographed piece rally in Kurapaty. People heed speakers. They are thoughtful, experienced the tragedy of memory, as if their fate (and there — this is a common fate), they are deeply impressed by his discovery true — all as one entity, and in this spirit they lowered catastrophic interesting. Excitedly for words: "It’s us, O Lord, majestic and powerful people, sickle under your …"
Picture amenable to detailed consideration and razdumlennyu over photographed subject. Kids on the front plane. One’s own teenage world. They do not even have a social entities and depth of content on their actions not influenced so much as parents, it is not yet recognized them. They stand fallen ill feet long and they are sitting on the grass forest. Near the young mother and the young man who holds a poster — Stalinist caricature. This photo wheel plan, this warm, perfectly normal teenage world phenomenon and emphasizes the tragic images of brooding parents that wall, as if materialized requiem rise up and fill the place.
Over people and only moderate plyakatsik on which is written: "Do not forget, do not forgive!" All very harmonically and meaning, and mind. It’s very profound meaning. It is impossible to forget cease to be human. And you can not forgive offenders. After all, if evil is not to punish, it is becoming the norm. There is something to think about the people of today, that behold the like vorachivayutsya shadows of the past.
Ninety-third Kurapaty. June 19, 1988. Photo courtesy of Sergey Ablameyko

Photo 93, seemingly continues the theme of the previous photo, but only on the plot. It is random and photographed, apparently during a break between speeches. There is no artistic typing and that kind of clarity and zakonchanastsi people, as in the photo number 92. Shooting, important not only to behold, and accordingly (and time) to press the trigger. Meanwhile, this has fatragrafiya documentary value. Then the other person, a lot of new parts.
Ninety-fourth Kurapaty. June 19, 1988. Photo courtesy of Sergey Ablameyko

Ninety-fifth Kurapaty. June 19, 1988. Photo courtesy of Sergey Ablameyko

Ninety-second Kurapaty. June 19, 1988. Photo courtesy of Sergey Ablameyko

Ninety-seventh Kurapaty. June 19, 1988. Photo courtesy of Sergey Ablameyko

94-97 are shown in the photo speaks at a rally in Kurapaty. Photo 94 — My Klyashtornaya (daughter shot in Kurapaty poet Todor Klyashtorny) Photo 95 — poet, Gulag prisoner Paul Prudnikov, photo 96 — unknown to me lady, photo 97 — Zenon Pozniak. Last photo is imperfect at the technical level, poorly lit. The lower part of the face projecting closed microphones, "failing" shadows, etc. But we give this shot, as it, again, it is very true in the faces of people tragically found a special memorial rally mood. Last on the left (in profile) shot Vitushko Sergei, who led the rally.
Ninety-eighth Kurapaty. June 19, 1988. Photo courtesy of Sergey Ablameyko

Picture 98 has documented and educational value and fascinating to consider. Here piece Kurapaty rally, which shows people near a makeshift statue of the victims of genocide, was shot in Kurapaty (students made sculpture department of the Academy of Art). Surreal story — myartsvyak near alive. But immediately and filyasofski because horrible reality of the Moscow-Bolshevik occupation such as the shot (in the form of a sculpture of the deceased) and alive, that here we stand — we are one. We are one of Bolshevism before Russian invaders before their animal policies of genocide, which makes us the dead body and spirit, and the memory of us should have been zataptatstsa. In adslanenni this idea was a sense of students’ work and plan the rally organizers. Shake the open truth about the sins of people led to the graves of the people. Understanding of unity with the victims and the catharsis of the spirit that caused Kurapaty, pushed people away from the graves in the world, the revival of justice, in the fight with the enemy’s population, in the struggle for national existence. It is true that the National Front and the new Belarusian Renaissance began with Kurapaty. It was as zmertvyhustanne after the disaster took heart Kurapaty people.
In the photo near the statue of a young man standing with beseserovsky flag. But here there is no subtext. People then have its own weight did not know anything about the state white-red-white flag. National blindness was complete. A young man with a flag so beseserovsky shows his feelings awakened by the Belarusi
an and national dignity. But it will take only six months and sea White-red-white flags flying over Minsk.
Ninety-ninth Kurapaty. October 30, 1988. Photo courtesy of Sergey Ablameyko 

Two pictures from the collection S.Ablameyki relate to the topic of celebrating Fathers October 30, 1988. In the photo captures the moment 99 when the column suddenly sent off the road on the right Kurapaty and operated on the field near the forest. Field and hillside where there was a rally field to the right outside the frame. Soon turn into a side column for felled email support and action happens there. This area no longer exists. Here the city. Place built up houses. This picture, sent S.Ablameykam can but serve a good cause for the subsequent generations of Belarusians in Belarus free, if they are smart and zahochut honored that part of town memorial sign in memory of October 30, 1988, the first field meeting and raise the years Russian captivity Belarusian white-red-white flag. Snapshot will help you find a place in the building for sure.
Hundredth Kurapaty. October 30, 1988. Photo courtesy of Sergey Ablameyko 

In the photo shows a piece of 100 field meeting, just soon after lifting Banner (he can be seen in the frame at the speaker). I even remember the words that were said to me then: "we are in favor, to respect our people to respect our history, our national character. Enough us shod in sandals We dignified people, and we have a majestic culture" (cited: "Announcements of the Belarusian Popular Front", 1988, № 1). Generally, considering the field shots rally October 30 (the ones that sent S.Ablameyka and V.Orlov), and remembering the day, I get a constant association with some hitherto unknown national church. People are on their knees, one after he spoke, the words sound like a sermon, and heed all as one. Notice on many photographs of the time people can be seen as one. He unified spirit and momentum.
Picture perfect configured by the composite. But the emptiness of the sky does not help and frame. Besides kantravaya asvetlenasts led to partial diffraction of light and form "zliplisya" (it often happens on a cloudy day, when shooting against the sky). Yet photos amenable razglyadannyu.Zroblenae it was at the time when the police surrounded the rally (in the future behind people seen several police caps).
100 1st Kurapaty. October 30, 1988. Photo courtesy of Valeria Savenkov

Nine images of various kinds and so sent Valery Savenkov who participated in the first round of our show. We have selected six of his shots. 101 reflected on the photo of the column, which was moving October 30, 1988 at Kurapaty. In the distance can be seen as "punched" buses with riot police. Photography has documentary value.
100 2nd Kurapaty. June 19, 1988. Photo courtesy of Valeria Savenkov

The picture shows the 102 piece march June 19, 1988 at Kurapaty. Picture amenable consideration (as worthy of attention) and also has a documentary value.
100 third Kurapaty. June 19, 1988. Photo courtesy of Valeria Savenkov

103 photos on a piece of the same column. On the frontal plane paced two journalists. Right — it’s Yuri Ivanov — Russian Press Agency photographer "Announcements" (APN), which worked on abroad; surname journalist left not remember. Picture of a very technical nature disgusting, but fascinating as a document of time.
100 fourth Kurapaty. June 19, 1988. Photo courtesy of Valeria Savenkov

Photo 104 — this is probably the more successful of the set, which sent Savenkov. It is a fascinating first people’s faces, facial features, reflected in the picture. With the impact of the time this image will gain greater enthusiasm. Subsequent generations are always curious to treat people early age. Maybe this picture will say something to them more than us. Photo would have looked even better if the photographer is not circumcised in the hands of a poster boy. Then the picture would read for itself. (I remember this poster — Stalin, lowering firing Kurapaty human skulls and dark inscription "executioner"). Now picture requests spacious instructions and interpretations.
100 Fifth Kurapaty. June 19, 1988. Photo courtesy of Valeria Savenkov

Same amateur mistake on the photo 105 (cut two-thirds of the head on plyakatse). Although mustache can find out who "executioner" but vivid pictures reduced.
100 2nd Minsk. September 30, 1989. Photo courtesy of Valeria Savenkov

Photo 106 manufactured before September 30, 1989 the first "Chernobyl Way" and has no relationship to the subject. Yet (as an exception) I suggest it for inspection, as it removed Ales Adamovich, who supported not only frontovskogo fight for the truth about Chernobyl, and the struggle for Kurapaty. Incidentally, when the July 15, 1988 began official excavations in Kurapaty, Ales Adamovich Vasil Bykov first arrived early in Kurapaty support me on a "holy militia."
100 seventh Kurapaty. Photo Olesya Daschinskaya.

Three shots sent another Dashchynski Ales. Give two of them. Photography 107 "Kuropatskaya apple" successfully photographed on light and color, there is a warm day the vernal Belarus, filling with associations and razdumlenni. In the picture there is a memorial chystasts and tranquility. Unfortunately, in the composition have small flaws. The photographer would need to step on a few cm to the left and turn the camera a couple of degrees to the right. Then cross (in the long term on the right side in the middle) would not zlivavsya tree would be noticeable and would testify about the true Kurapaty. Errors of this decent photos show that perfect photo composition "Smoke" sovereign Daschinskaya came intuitively. Advise the creator, but think about such questions photos, which has its own rules.
100 eighth Kurapaty. Photo Olesya Daschinskaya.

108 is shown in the photo piece defaced by vandals icon of the Virgin in Kurapaty. Creator listened to advice, but slightly overdone. Piece is taken very large. Need to zoom out and work on a piece of composition. Should be identified and vandalism, and the subtext of new meaning and expression to track all this creativity, requiring "the suffering of creativity."
100 ninth Kurapaty. Photos of Hope Sychugova. 

Twelve shots Kurapaty sent Hope Sychugova. To show we chose eight. Photo shot at 109 Cross Suffering after restoration. Picture may exist for dakumentavannya that photographed.
100 Tenth Kurapaty. Photos of Hope Sychugova.

110 can be seen on the photo column on the far view Dzyady Kurapaty. Photographed, loo
ks here and there in 2006. Picture-statement.
100 Eleventh Kurapaty. Photos of Hope Sychugova.

111 photos shot on marginal piece Dzyady activities in Kurapaty. Picture looks random, but may be later for late people, more fun own situation and type girls on the front plane. May be in the archive Kurapaty.
100 twelfth Kurapaty. Photos of Hope Sychugova.

Photo 112 is removed, as if by stealth, and also suffers from a bad accident and composition, but it is curious that the middle ground can be seen figures dressed policemen and kagebistam. Here imprint kind of time in which we live.
100 Thirteenth Kurapaty. Photos of Hope Sychugova.

Photo 113 situational kind. Photographed main track (alleykami Crosses) People’s Memorial with human figures in the distance. Picture nothing on claims, but can be as fixation areas.
100 fourteenth Kurapaty. Photos of Hope Sychugova.

The picture shows the 114 fixation of amateur creativity unturned in Kurapaty. Picture eligible for materials about Kurapaty ignorant of existing reality.
100 fifteenth Kurapaty. Photos of Hope Sychugova.

Here (photo 115) and situational shooting place, which is often removed paparazzi. This (fixing) is such a valuable photos.
100 sixteenth Kurapaty. Photos of Hope Sychugova.

With situational fixing Sychugova Hope this shot 116 more fascinating documentary terms. Here we see a way out of Kurapaty under way that are designed bigots. It is also seen output Sewers under mounds that bigots specifically brought to the area of the People’s Memorial, that drains filled approaches to Cross Torment and so before the Holy Cross was stinking puddle (incidentally, obscurantist mentality acceptable besavskaga kind — shit and giggle). Seemingly did not change the terrain, shooting of this kind will always be informative (and archival) value.
100 seventeenth Kurapaty. Photos of Hope. 

5 pictures sent Hope. We have chosen to display four photos. In the photo perfectly photographed 117 column, which moves along the main avenue of Kurapaty on Dzyady in 2006. Picture pretty informative. Particularly fascinating character types on the front plane. Feels even sluggish spirit "pilgrymki" which comes to the target. Composite filming built well enough kalyarystychna equilibrium, but on thin and light it lowers its perception.
100 eighteenth Kurapaty. Photos of Hope.

Picture 118 shows that the creator of beauty and rhythm captivated Belarusian flags. Picture is really very beautiful. Diagonal rhythm flags zgarmanizavany of vertical rhythm homes. Harmony stressed suadnosnastsyu reddish color on the flags on buildings and tsyaglastaga. There is an undeniable aesthetic gem, which indicates the level and artistic eye of the photographer. Unfortunately, poorly cropped picture and thereby incomplete. Left-hand side (rezgille wires and elektraapory) breaks the rhythm, much spoils the picture and its composition. Improve the situation, but can be very simply. Pretty cut the left side of the photo, along with the column support (lighting fixture need to be addressed in the "Photoshop") and a picture of "meet" in one piece.
100 nineteenth Kurapaty. Photos of Hope.

A similar situation with image number 119. Shoulders of people there’s nothing they say. And to highlight the beauty of rhythm flags (obviously intrigued Hope) must apply another kadravanne and change the scale of the cerebral subject. Advise creator skadravats photo below on the band belt girls standing back to us in the center of the photo (jeans hundred percent cut). On the left side of the photo strip on skadravats column (column absolutely cut). Top skadravats so that over the end of the flag in the middle throw 5mm background. Picture improve.
100 twentieth Kurapaty. Photos of Hope.

Photo 120 — this is the best photos from the collection sent to Hope. On the topic, it is quite rare and very peculiar kind of languid to identify the time that is going through at the moment Belarus. Photo made in 2007 during Kurapaty Grandfathers. (Let’s call this image in people’s comfortable "Gebe"). The photo shows a heap gebist and police, typically disguised under the ordinary people. Pose their sassy, they hold hands or pockets, or behind, or over the smell, there are rear and razvalachku. Recall again our speech about the plastic body. This "bunch" dress even in tuxedos, although in robes — all the same per kilometer know "gebe."
In the picture gebisty groups are on the side of the mass of people (who behind the photographer). They gebisty prepared to provocation by commands like "Kushi!" And yet — "talk among themselves." Here it is the spirit of anti-Belarusian regime smurodlivy, typed on this photo. These people seem to be very similar to those that break a crosses Kurapaty. Photography perfectly constructed composite revealed the depth of perspective, used wheel plan balanced composite mass; technical level (taking into account the color temperature and the feeble twilight forest) is satisfactory. But black and white version, for minor increase in contrast, would have looked better ( more would have worked on the idea of the photo).
100 20 The first Kurapaty. Photo Tatyana Lukyanova.

Three photos sent Tatiana Lukyanov. We show two. The picture shows the 121 Cross of Suffering, photographed before vandalistic damage and the subsequent restoration. Photo removed unclear, but may remain in the folder for Kurapaty varyyantnastsi.
100 20 The second Kurapaty. Photo Tatyana Lukyanova.

Photo 122 (let’s call it "Shadow") is fascinating to plan, basically faithful to the composition, but too weak to implement. Worse of all, that of the entire image a sense of impurity, inaccuracy backyards and not a memorial environment that would contribute to the identification readable (although obvious) ideas. At Mrs. Lukianova seen zeal for figurative expression, but you should be familiar with the basics of the photo. Photographs can be better special treatment in black and white, because he is very fascinating shadow, he seemed furtive creature. In principle, this is a godsend, not a bad vision, but not fully implemented means and abilities photos.
100 20 The third Kurapaty. Photo emperor, who gave his name Mixon.

Four photos sent Mixop sovereign (or Mixon, when the Latin alphabet). In the photo 123 (call it conditionally "Evening") filmed piece Kurapaty evening. On the frontal plane dirty puddle in which dangles a drake duck on
cross (which is not detected and superimposed on tree trunks), in the long term for a piece of trees light sky padruzhovlenaga low sun. Photographer wanted to get a snapshot of art, even called him "life and death". Unfortunately, the idea failed to realize. Photo requests certain knowledge. Please keep in mind that there is the basis of art aesthetics (sense of beauty) and the creation of the form.
Through art can convey everything, even a puddle, even gryazyuka. But if these funds do not have and do not understand them, then you just need to avoid the filth and all that causes disgust perception. In this case, it was better to make a situational picture in which it would be seen artificial padtaplenne area Kurapaty Sewage water.
100 20 Fourth Kurapaty. Photo sovereign, who identified himself as Mixon

Follow evening shot sovereign "Mixona" (call it conditionally "Lights") looks even better. Then there mood and cool blue evening stsishanastsi behind (stsishanastsi Kurapaty). The type of composition, which used the creator (the crossing of vertical and horizontal planes) is very unprofitable for the formal construction of the picture. Photograph can in this case a little better to make significant kadravanne below. There can be only Color options. Blue sky carries sensory load.
100 20 The fifth Kurapaty. Photos of Angelina Masyuty.

Another seven shots sent us Angelina Masyuta. We have chosen to show three. Picture 125 — this documentary fixation results vandalism. Photography is impressive and suggests that blasphemous vandalism involved here is not hooligans, not children, and organized types, similar as in the photo of Hope. Photos need skadravats bottom (including path).
100 20 The second Kurapaty. Photos of Angelina Masyuty. 

Photo shot on 126 freeway through Kurapaty made anti-Belarusian regime. Picture situationally appropriate for stories Kurapaty (unfortunately, low sharpness photo).
20 100 seventh Kurapaty. Photos of Angelina Masyuty.

Meanwhile, low sharpness in the image 127 (total bad optics) does not interfere with this very nice and lovely photos, let’s call it "Snow Kurapaty." Here artfully arranged composition, expressed a sense of Belarusian winter and winter and once a day or it’s not bad situational identification corner People’s Memorial, a place where 70 years ago, was heard crying people, Russian obscenities and nagannyya shots.
100 20 eighth Kurapaty. Photo by Yury Belenky. (From the archives of Anna Sous)

Seven pictures of vandalism in Kurapaty donated to us, Mrs. Hanna Sous. We show here three corresponding photos. The picture shows the 128 members of the CCP BPF purified desecrated by vandals monument in memory of murdered Jews in the Stalinist communist terror.
100 20 Kurapaty ninth. Photo by Anna Sous

129 struck on the photo (again by vandals) commemorative bench U.S. President William Clinton. Unhappy memories from this picture. Generally speaking, all the pictures of vandalism in Kurapaty shown us within a month suggest that the war against Belarus lasts, this vile war, the war around the corner, war saboteurs regime, backed by anti-Belarusian regime and awkwardly pretends he is not under than. It seems to me, but that it is their last war, the last before skanannem. All they do is destroy, crap and get up on Belarus, says that now there can be no forgiveness of them even after exposure to eternity. Darkness must be destroyed, flattened, punished so that shuddered Hell. And she will be punished. Here we have on our tortured decent Belarus.
100 thirtieth Kurapaty. Photo by Anna Sous. 

130 photos shot at the time of a restoration and recovery in the 12 th time, "Clinton’s bench." Left hunched architect Ales Shaternik right — tireless Ales Cheholsky. Here is a division of anti-Belarusian relations between the Belarusian authorities and the Renaissance. This month we have beheld many times to send a photo of the essence of "separation."
In Kurapaty Tipo displayed diagram (paradigm) of our national existence under the anti-Belarusian regime. We work, spread out of their way, but stand still, because, as a fire, saving only that destroy. On national creativity, creation (which is prohibited), progress remains a lot of time. Adnavlyaemsya from vandalism and stsiskaemsya as shagreen.
This Sisyphean labor and the essence of the war launched against us shesdesyat Moscow three years ago vstych.
But no war can not be won only protection. Need coming attack. Belarusians still have true in the world. So catch the vandals! It’s so simple. And the whole regime will fall.
Zenon Pozniak

1st Prize appointed Emperor Sergei Ablameyko for a series of archival photographs of Kurapaty and especially for Photo 92 (code name "The memory of genocide").

Second assessment rewarded Photo 120 (conditional name "Gebe") Mrs. Hope. For this photo to her gift from me: Poznyak book "Reasoning: The concept of the Belarusian Renaissance Kn.1, articles and materials (1990-III.1996)".

Special attention for the activity in the fixation of Kurapaty and photograph 127 "Snow Kurapaty" says Angelina Masyuta. Her gift — Poznyak book "Conversations with Anton Shukeloytsem."

From May 3 to June 3 Zenon Pozniak comments sent pictures and chooses a fascinating and conspicuous picture.
Since June Kurapaty will summarize the competition and ganaravanne favorites. They get books Poznyak and prizes from Radio Liberty. Starting at 17.30.

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