Zh.Litvina: The media should take over the forum

The BAJ Jeanne Litvin said:
"The press, which would be an authoritarian regime may be, should not serve political movements should not serve certain political party or individual. I think, in this pre-election period, one of the missions to be independent of the press — to take over the function of the forum. I very much hope that this meeting, which was our politicians to "Belsat" just, may be, and came to the fact that you need to "Belsat" assistance in this forum for discussion of the sore before parliamentary elections . "
Ms. Litvin urged politicians to show a firm position on problems of freedom of expression in Belarus:

One of the favorites of the United Democratic Forces Anatoly Lebedko said that the value was and remains the main — to break the information blockade. Relative channel "Belsat" he said,
"BelSat" — a structure in the Polish structure. How to add her Belarusian? That’s what was thought. Strategically, we "BelSat" maintained very very and put the puzzle, so it was still Belarusian television channel in the Euro-Atlantic project. "
Igor Rinkevich, one of the founders of the letter to the Polish minister said that the favorite of the united democratic forces must continue to meet with representatives of the media-independent:
"We threw a certain ferment, and the work went. None of the democratic politicians is not going to control the independent press. But as for professionalism — it should resolve itself as the company of journalists. "

According Rinkevich, the Democratic candidate in the election to be made in their programs from the provisions for the protection and the legal regulation of the media. Tags:, Belsat, BAJ, radio, portable radio

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