Zhlobin: Who is in your barracks beneefovets?

Of the Institute, he was expelled for social activities and urgently called up. In protest Dmitry refused to take the military oath. Now ordinary Zhaleznichenka status remains uncertain.
Says Dmitry Zhaleznichenka:
"I have no specialties not, in other words, I am officially out of state, even in the mouth. My military card written that I am at the disposal of the commander. Given that I did not take the military oath, I can not put on some military position. Such positions are at all. Half company — masters, others — mechanics, electricians. But anything that’s not taught. Some people went to the training part in Słuck in furnaces under Borisov. We recorded a fighter or master mechanic but we are passionate about one and the same — remove the space walk. "
Usually, one day Zhaleznichenka prescribed in outfits — in most cases the kitchen.
"At the meeting I go every two days. Others also stroll through the day, after two. Since people strongly enough in parts, and a lot of outfits. Arrived at the moment reservists so called Partisans — reservists who have already served. Here I go into the dining room every two days and my day there for them dishes. "
Zhaleznichenka states that his name got some fame and in the midst of "partisan". And told about Such is the case:
"Sitting choose potatoes. Elects we and a few people from the reserve. None of them I do not know. Sitting quiet and clean. Someone peramavlyaetstsa. Reservists One — it was obvious that something he cares about what he wants to ask, but or smuschyaetsya or something. Practically already dachystsili potatoes. And here he broke down and asked, "Who here you have one beneefovets serve?" Everyone started to laugh really, since all have seemingly knew my story. Surely one of reservists remained. Such is the popularity of me. "
Dmitry knows what a fierce hazing in their part no:
"They belong to me in the army part perfectly. Another thing, there is a difference by period — who served more and who less. Time is required to do some task — to make coffee or tuck in bed. Hazing as it does not, unless its small displays. Of course, I refuse to do something, because in some starasluzhachyh ratio can be up to me and negative. And the officers and ensigns we communicate is not much. What they say, doing — in jail do not hunt. "

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