2-3 thousand dollars for training — is not the limit

Prior to August 1 for those who are not lucky, there is still a chance to enter a paid form of training. But prices in This year crept inexorably upward. How much higher education and why prices jumped again?
Champions this year — Belarusian municipal medical institution and BSU. To learn to be a dentist will have to pay 5 million 700 thousand, and on healing faculties pedyyatrychnym prices exceeded 4 million. Education on popular faculties of BSU — legal, economic, international relations, customs and others — will cost 4 million 116 thousand. Very significantly more expensive compared to last year bio, Faculty of Geography — by 968 thousand (3,000,000 segodnyaschy price 492 thousand), almost 600 thousand rose physical, mathematical, chemical faculties.
Talk to the executive secretary of the selection committee BSU Lyudmila Huhlyndinoy:
Correspondent"Are you certain that within a year tuition fees will not change?"
Huhlyndina"Well, what can be confident if according to all the provisions of the payment rates may change with increasing the tariff rate of the first category? In connection with this increase and is …"
Correspondent"And why so much prices have risen study on the geographical, biological faculties?"
Huhlyndina"I will not comment on how and obviously changed the price …"
Indeed, it is hard to explain why, for example, training in Chinese philology as much as 700 thousand more expensive German, British or French philology.
For last year Prices for training in higher education rose by 4 times. Economists explain that universities increase the tariff rate of the first category, as the establishment of additional payments to teachers for academic degrees and academic titles.
In the past year, the price of training full time at the Academy of Management under the President was 2 million 889 thousand. At the moment, the official website of the Academy of the announcement: "The price of training in 2008-2009 are in the agreement." But employee accounts shed light on this mystery:
"Full-time interest you? Will it cost 3 million 34 thousand rubles. Prices must now be approved."
Correspondent"And within a year they can raise?"
"Can. During the first semester must be paid 1 million 517 thousand, but usually in the 2nd semester payment increases. This is due to the cost, wage growth."
For comparison: in private universities prices below. Belarusian Institute of Law-2000000 961 tyscha, Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship — 1 million 900 thousand.
Training toddler ancestors can take the credit, but at 12-14% per year.
At Mrs. Natalia three kids, the eldest daughter of two years studying at a language institute paid department. Initially paid a thousand bucks in one year, at the moment payment is approaching two thousand dollars.
"Then it seemed not so languid — about $ 100 per month at the faculty of foreign languages (German and British). Then promised that the baby will have the opportunity if it is perfectly trained and intensively participate in public life, to cancel the payment to 30%. Passed For two years, this ability really is not, so at least the baby and well trained, it is still must member of the Youth Union. A payment increases without warning. "
Correspondent"During the year increases?"
"So, for a year. Every 3 months, it increases to 30-40 thousand. Now we wait with fear as we have to pay in September.’ve Got three kids. Further explore the charge will not be able to have decided that the average offspring go to vocational school . " Tags: price, pay, higher education, training, applicants

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