2007 — year of the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression

Organizing Committee decision clarifies the fact that the This year marks 70 years since 1937 — the climax of mass repression, and October 29, 1937, there were mass executions of Belarusian intellectuals. In this regard, now released Appeal to the citizens of Belarus and Belarusians of the World.
Says co-chairman of the organizing committee writer Vasily Yakovenko:
Yakovenko: "Our common concern must return each gaunt, downtrodden, abyasslavlenamu Belarusian citizen his good name. We want to offer every month on the 29th, starting with 17-hours, visit places of burial sufferers of Stalinist repression.
We appeal to the executive authorities with a request to do day October 29 days of the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression and to celebrate it the best way once a year. We stand before head of state Alexander Lukashenko with a proposal to issue a decree by the executive authorities in this day of mourning ribbons and decorate dark pryspustsits municipal flags.
Encourage honest people of the country to make a day of memory within the law mourning rallies, processions, visit places of executions and burials of victims of mass repression, to light candles on the graves of martyrs and decorate the grave sites with flowers, ribbons, reddish, dark and pure white flowers. "
In the Year of the memory is scheduled to make a website, publish scientific collections on the history of repression in Belarus, collect testimonies from victims of repression, to hold ceremonies in the field of mass repression and install memorial signs and there are a number of other actions.
In Belarus there are 40 characters memorial memory of the victims of repression, and they were all installed without public role of the authorities. According to official data, in Belarus from 1917 to 1953 he wasand repressed more than 600 thousand people. According to the researchers history of repression Igor Kuznetsov, who relied on a number of studies including and Russian, the amount of the repressed — about 1.5 million people.

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