80% of the shares sold in BeST company Turkcell

Naikrupneyshim Turkish mobile operator acquires 80% stake, 20% remain Belarusian side. The agreement was signed in Minsk on July 29, the government of Belarus.
According to official sources, the payment will be carried out in three steps: 300 million dollars will be paid to the day end of the transaction, in other words 30 days after a day or signing a contract, and additional payments 100 millions of dollars will be implemented December 31, 2009 and 2010. Another payment of 100 millions of dollars will be implemented after the company receives "Best" positive annual income. In addition, According to the chairman of the municipal WIC Azamatova Nicholas, "Turkcell" wants to invest an additional 400 millions of dollars in network development.
"We came to Belarus in order to invest … We want to make" best "in one of the best companies in the world," said CEO "Turkcell" Mehmet Sureyya Jill.
"Turkcell" is the leading GSM-operator in Turkey, which has 35 million subscribers and occupies 57% of the market. The company has a stake in mobile operators in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine and Northern Cyprus. Tags: communication, investment, privatization, mobile, Best, turkcell

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