A.Belyatsky: We want to see the real situation warming

Bialiatski: "It is hard to read any configurations in politics and in relation to the third sector, public organizations. We should not see the individual facts or decisions made, apparently, at the highest level. We need to see the real situation for warming non-governmental organizations within the borders of Belarus. I remind you that for example, over the past seven years, no human rights organization in Belarus Ministry of Justice has not been registered.
This will show all the close future: whether it is really the beginning adkruchvannya nuts, or it is still a single action piarnyh plan, which practically does not change the overall situation.
We now have seven people sitting exactly on political grounds, and indeed Belarusian authorities must find an opportunity to let them — that Alexander Kozulin, and Dmitry Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich, and others. And although the President of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe read about it exactly: there will not be released political prisoners, negotiations Council of Europe will not conduct. "

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