A.Gros: The long isolation of Belarus did not bear fruit

According to Gross, "claimed the political commission of the Council of Europe and the Parliamentary Assembly of the configurations in the policy dialogue with Minsk. This, but not by a desire to be friends with Lukashenko."
With the mandate of PACE Swiss politician Andreas Gross hosted political dialogue and promoting democratic values in Eastern Europe, the former Yugoslavia and the former USSR. Special rapporteur on Chechnya, Andreas Gross, who has a reputation for journalistic circles, criticism of, a couple of times visited Belarus in including as watching the last presidential election.
Gross: "It is not so long ago, 10 years from addition time, as January 13 1997 The Council of Europe has stopped Belarus special guest status. I believe that this long isolation is not borne fruit.

During the 10 years I’ve been a couple of times in Belarus. Any positive democratic changes in this country not work.

On the contrary, the Belarusian society, which belongs to the common European culture, only suffering from similar isolation practices in Europe. "
According to policy, practice makes similar Belarusians are many problems to the use of different European values — free travel in Europe, integration into the educational system and so on.
Why in Belarus in comparison with other post-communist states so heavily promoted democratic values?
Gross: "The problem is that democracy — a never-ending process of collective learning. Belarusian authorities are reluctant to this, while many Belarusians are not only willing, and able to go with this method. And if we wish to assist the Belarusian society, we must complete isolation.

In Europe, no one wants, that reigned in Belarus dictatorship, its different manifestations "

Reporter: "For the sake of ending the isolation will not make any breaks for PACE Minsk?"

Gross: "I find it very principle that the political commission claimed by the Council of Europe and the Parliamentary Assembly of certain changes in the Belarusian politics. But this does not mean that we are going to become members of Lukashenka and also announce today or tomorrow on the abolition of visa sanctions for Belarusian management.

PACE requirements to Minsk remain the same — the release of political prisoners, cease persecution of opposition to removing the restriction of independent media. Without these requirements dialogue with the authorities is not feasible. That’s right. Need to change something, look, what happens. "
Reporter: "A few days reversing the PACE political commission appointed a new Special Rapporteur on Belarus Andrea Rigoni. Does he know the situation in Belarus, known to you some of his statements on Belarus? "
Gross: "The question is not so important person.

The private newest features Rigoni will do puzzles posed by PACE — impose tsesneyshy dialogue to help Belarusian citizens out of isolation.

In the following weeks, he will visit Belarus, will report back after that later will be discussed at the commission and the Parliamentary Assembly. All it will take several months. "
By Andreas Gross, a report will be considered at the PACE session in June or in September. The middle of April in Strasbourg will be invited representatives of the Belarusian opposition.

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