A.Krasutsky: Certain forces need a new source of tension

"States that the conflict was unpredictable — it would be tampering. Moment came in connection with the statement of the likelihood of entry of Georgia into NATO. Covert was the phrase about preserving the integrity of the country. Deeper is after zatsihannya conflict in Chechnya certain forces needed a new source of tension on the southern borders of Russia.
Management was interested Georgia beat two cards — this pretext to return integrity of the country to join NATO and to show their independence from the Russian position.
As for position of the Belarusian side, the Foreign Ministry statement on this issue was absolutely balanced. I can tell, that at the moment preparing a number of statements including parliamentary structures Organization (CSTO Collective Security Contract) — an appeal to find a peaceful resolution of the situation. But I think that this conflict politically unlikely in the near Time will extinguished, and the political will for a long time yet severe problem.

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