A.Logvinets: I do not think the EU will immediately lift all restrictions

On Tuesday it was said in a special statement issued by the EU Presidency. How would you evaluate this decision? Why are some favorites of the Belarusian opposition expressed fear that the EU is rapidly moving towards the official Minsk? On these questions A political scientist responsibleLes Lahvinets.
Tsigankov: "How can appreciate this EU statement? Either time is ripe for the lifting of sanctions, are there for this political grounds and justification? "
Lahvinets: "This ability should always remain open, and the European Union every time read about this. From this point of view such a statement is nothing new.
Some improvements in the Belarusian situation may give up hope in the Belarusian authorities that Europe take more open to their suggestions. How do I know, since September, will resume some technical meetings and consultations on energy, transport and border control. But it seems to me that the EU, as indicated in the application will look further the situation. I do not think it will be immediately removed all restrictions that were imposed against the Belarusian authorities for human rights violations. Let me remind you, but that the release of political prisoners — is one of the 12 criteria, which in November 2006 led to the European Union. "
Tsigankov: "Like you would respond to those warnings some favorites Belarusian opposition that Europe is very rapidly moving towards the official Minsk, and makes his steps, even despite the fact that Minsk makes real steps in response?"
Lahvinets: "Very basically, that the EU was in Belarus and watched the situation here. I hope that the EU approach will be based on moral principles and the values that underpin European society. But should leave all abilities and constantly open and read the Belarusian authorities and the Belarusian people that the EU is always ready to cooperate and engage in dialogue with Belarus. "

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