A.Lukashanets: tormoznutosti spelling inconsistency

"The adoption of this law will allow one to suspend the spelling inconsistency that emerged in the last decade in the Belarusian-language editions, including and in the academic literature that is completely unacceptable for vysakarazvitay literary written language that is the language of the country’s municipalities. Unity spell increases the prestige language and simplifies its implementation in all areas of communication of modern society. "
Over the almost 50 years that have passed since the publication of the Rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation in 1959, in the language system, there were certain configurations in primarily in the vocabulary of the language. Dictionary added a huge amount of borrowing that asks regulation of their writing. Belarusian spelling problem is that it is widely represented as a bell languages principle spelling, saw Dr. Alexander Lukashanets:
"Those configurations that are made in accordance with the adopted law, really did not affect the main principles and basic rules of Belarusian spelling, and only focus on improving some of them, and fewer exceptions. Namely, the rules are taken exception to write slozhnosokraschennyh words. Writing all slozhnosokraschennyh words now subject to one rule of the abbreviated words are written because in neskarochanym word. language in practice has long been entrenched in a "hill", "district committee." Practically brand new version of the rules establishes that the practice was already fixed. "
By Alexander Lukashantsa views, very good, that the law shall take effect two years: It will allow to prepare the base. For this Time will prepared and published spelling dictionaries, certain comments that will in practice take advantage of new rules.

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