A.Milinkevich: March 25 should be celebrated in the square Kalinowski

March 25 opposition plans to hold a peaceful march and rally in central Minsk on October Square. Committee Chairman Vintsuk Vyachorka said prazdnichek held in this new political criteria.
Vecherko: "Today March 25 — it is a reminder not only of 1918, but also about 2006. About one week between 19 and 25 March, about the heroic events in the area that showed the spirit and prompted hundreds of thousands of Belarusians. Today March 25th as Independence day, occurs in acute criteria struggle for the independence of Belarus. She was under threat as a result of mindless, dead-end action of the current authorities. We, the members of the organizing committee, we presume, that the Belarusian independence now — it’s worth, around which a consensus. "
According Vyachorka, the organizing committee will send a letter to Alexander Lukashenko. A format of the celebration on March 25 and the absence of repression can give authorities a chance to assure its commitment to democratization. Member of the organizing committee chairman of the political council united democratic forces Alyaksandr Milinkevich said:
Milinkevich: "If we go to another place, we will betray for themselves"
Milinkevich: "We have on the area say that the democratic forces of Belarus was firmly independence. Authority has the last chance to begin reforming the country. I do not believe that she is capable of doing. But maybe the threat of death for some reason the power to teach them . Cause today is very important. Happy holiday should be celebrated only on the area Kalinowski. This fundamentally is morally. If we go to another place — we will change for themselves. "
Lewkowicz: The main thing — to release political prisoners
Acting Chairman BSDP (Gromada) Anatoly Lewkowicz said:
Lewkowicz: "As for us, the main value — this government, its independence, sovereignty, we have to announce that power: Freedom for Political Prisoners We have to announce that power if you do not have time until March 25 to provide freedom for political prisoners, then go back to the area and declare before all the people Belarusian that release the political prisoners that you give freedom of the media, give the opportunity to develop a civilian society, that you share with the people will defend the country’s sovereignty. "
The question how connected Congress of Democratic Forces, which were assigned on March 17, and the celebration of days Will Vintsuk Vyachorka said, the main thing — to designate the position of the democratic forces in the current crisis situation.
Vecherko: "Use power and Congress, and reports of mass actions for messages to the nation and to the international community. Show, where lies the solution. Exit — in the democratization of the country."
The idea to celebrate March 25 is supported by several public organizations. The representative of the coordinating council of business organizations Makaeu Alexander urged businessmen to come to October Square in Minsk to support the democratic forces. The organizing committee of the political council of the subjects entered the United Democratic Forces — except the Party of Communists Belarusian. But her friends are allowed participate in stocks.
Organizing Committee in celebration of March 25 will send a letter to Alexander Lukashenko
March 25 in Minsk held a rally and concert "For Independence"

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