A. Milinkevich: One step necessary step Belarus Union

"In 1-x I has always been and stay for the dialogue, for the fact that turn-based strategy was developed, such road map and from Belarus, and from the European Union. Release of political prisoners — this is for all of us an important event, it is a moral step and I believe that the EU should react to it.
When are the next steps will be free media, there will be elections — although not enough to hope — though slightly more affordable, I believe that the EU should certainly begin extensive economic cooperation. As before, I think that we are threatened with total dependence on financial, if not to reform. Because I believe it very good step which should made.
Sanctions and introduced as first were political prisoners that were reprisals against the media, against politicians. And therefore, if there is a move by the Belarusian authorities, need step by the European Union. This is a natural process, and I salute him. "

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