A.Milinkevich spoke at a meeting in the Bundestag

Favourite combined Democratic Forces Alexander Milinkevich criticized European policies aimed at re-establishing contact with the dictatorship Alexander Lukashenko.
Alexander Milinkevich noted that the policy of political isolation of the regime on the part of Europe is not promoted democratization in Belarus and had no utility for Belarusian people. The politician stressed that was and remains committed to dialogue with Belarus united Europe, but only under the condition of mandatory — run mode a series of steps to the rendezvous, the first of which must be the release of all political prisoners and freedom of the press, reports the press service Alexander Milinkevich.
"Faith of the European politicians that Europe can agree with Lukashenko and thereby achieve democratic configurations in Belarus there are gullible and unsafe views. All contacts with Europe Lukashenko will use only and only in the interests of preserving the regime of personal power. As practice shows, with Lukashenko can not speak without a clear criterion akreslivannya dialogue. European policy be as never stiff — dialogue only in return for performance criterion, but not the opposite, "said after a meeting of the Committee for international affairs of the Bundestag favorite united democratic Alexander Milinkevich forces.
Now accomplished Milinkevich meeting with advisers German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Open a discussion of energy security issues in the light of oil and gas conflict between Belarus and the Russian Federation, the course of future socio-economic reforms, support for Belarus in the transition period.
Evening held talks with management Milinkevich Christian Democratic Union, the ruling parties in Germany.

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