Abkhazia and asetyny regret that changed Georgia to Russia

Our homeland independent of Georgia recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia, also called on to do so other countries. Comments listeners:
Emperor Victor: "Recognizing Ossetia and Abkhazia, Our homeland almost stepped on a rake. Currently, all countries belonging to Russia, have the right to declare independence and seek exit from Russia. Practically, the occupation of these states Russia is completed."
Galina, Mogilev: "Well, our homeland? Hunted your Putin-Medvedev tandem you in a bottle, and now will sit in it for a long time, in political isolation. Summoning the fire itself, the Georgian president has accelerated accession to NATO and perhaps the EU. Well West will not abandon the failure will help boost the economy. time will come when Abkhazians, asetyny regret that changed Georgia to Russia. "
Man: "Shushkevich warns Lukashenko, so he did not support the two free republic. And that he did not warn anyone, when it was a question of Kosovo?’s Ask him such a question."
Responsible Stanislav Shushkevich:
"I was also in recognition of Kosovo as well as the recognition of Abkhazia. Each country has its Kosovo. And if we start these confessions, we will begin to share the country to pieces. A definition of the boundaries — the main result of the second world war. So I worked here and there a similar position. "
Continuing the theme of the next issue of the listener:
Man: "Will there be a meeting on August 31 this year in support of Georgia? Just stroll rumors about it. Tell the, please."
Meets one of the favorites of the Young Front Artur Finkevich:
"At least, I made that have not heard anything. Along the way we fundamentally stand for the territorial integrity of Georgia. And now looking for partners in Georgia, to work together. To impact of in our region was still the smallest and the least …"
Continue aaplet SMS correspondence Oleg Lebedev from Vitebsk: "I welcome the release of opposition favorite Alexander Kozulin!" And further calls on various topics.
Man: "Absolute majority of the delegates of the 20th Party Congress Stalin’s personality cult was condemned forever. 21st century first President of the Republic of Belarus, Lukashenko historian by education restores about Minsk" Stalin Line ", which has never been."
Ales: "Dear listeners! Find a way to go to the official web site of the CCP BPF pbpf.org and read with a very nice analytical articles Poznyak" Capture or plan of a brand new Russian occupation of Belarus. "Read it own friends and acquaintances!"
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