Accomplished presentation or home provinces Mudrova

Presentation "or home" to the sounds of old began the songs mentioned in the book. In the queue for autographs Mudrova provinces were more people weave. The creator admitted that during 52 years of life for the first time playing in front of such a large audience (and the presentation of the book in the Palace of Arts came about two hundred guests).
The wise: "I have a severe form ahlafobii. In huge masses I feel very uncomfortable. But now here nor ohlas going, and the words of "home album" the best people in our area. I say this without any drama. "
Davneshny each provinces Mudrova writer Vladimir Orlov, who was born to him in the hospital one of Polotsk and studied at the same school, his speech was ranked ironic style "or home."
Orlov: "In our school, wise was one of the worst students. Not since he was pathologically lazy. It’s not that he was a little boy with delayed development, because this quality characteristic of many professional children. Matter is different. Our teachers are very discern whether early felt in such Mudrova boy, from which will not grow nor reliable defender of the socialist fatherland, nor builder communist come. "
Director of the Belarusian "Freedom" Alexander Lukashuk mentioned nedavneshny Competition "Freedom," "My Hero", and admitted that if he had had to answer this question, it would refer to the middle other provinces Mudrova hero, fight that ruined the Russian Alliance.
Lukashuk "Russian Alliance was natuzhilsya and launched into space, Yuri Gagarin, later natuzhilsya again and won a bronze medal at the World Championships in 1966. Later Russian Alliance saw Vintses Mudrov is longish hair, chewing gum and listening to some unusual music. And Russian Alliance willed so Vintses Mudrov did not listen to this music, finished wearing longish hair and a haircut. And he began to push more and more to mow Mudrova. And in the end, we all know how to finish the job. We have Mudrova provinces. And where is the Russian Alliance? "
Valentin Taras admitted that heartily laughed when I read "Album home." With all this he read about forgotten funny things that would be worth to your "home Album."
Taras: "And I thought about it:" And what do you have here. Vintses wise, no? "So what did he dropped. I think he dropped the loaf, loaf with yogurt. They must be in this book. It’s so half-jokingly. And this book is very good as the freshest decent loaf, which once cost 13 cents. "
Society organized a presentation book whiteRussian language. Artist in the "family albums" (as, incidentally, and in all the books series "Library of Liberty. XXI Century") was Gennady Matsur. Edited by Alexander Makovik book, introduction and footnotes prepared Director Alexander Lukashuk Belarusian Freedom. Lena was Radkevych editor applets "Summer album" Freedom on the waves of which appeared "Album home."

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