Acts of Georgia to break relations with the CIS logic

Past Officer Karen Akopov Belarusian Foreign Ministry says Our homeland that their actions provoked Georgia to withdraw from the Commonwealth of independent states:
"Our homeland for its brutal actions against Georgia has put into question the very existence of the CIS. Course, no country — not that with around the world, and the CIS — openly supported acts of the Russian Federation in Georgia. Because it will inevitably lead to a crisis in the CIS. Skeptical about its fate and prospects for recovery as a structure that could show its viability.
Our homeland entered the area of Georgia — all of course, it is an act of anger. Bombing of towns and villages have no excuse. Because all the acts of Georgia to break relations within the CIS look smart. "
Misha Saakashvili’s statement came as a surprise to Anatolia Krasutsky. Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on international affairs and relations with the CIS draws attention to the fact that:
"Management of Georgia once declared its withdrawal from the organization. Taking into account the policies that it holds, it is impossible to be at once a 2-diametrically inverse structures — NATO and the CIS. Because it had to happen sometime. Few as consequences for an output not entail. Recently reformed and CIS begins to gain momentum.
I think at the moment lull military calm — that’s what is most important. With regard to the political situation, it will gain momentum. Remain unresolved critical issues: the status of North Ossetia and Abkhazia. This problem will be released on the first plan. Topics more than that here very intensively involved Russia’s interests, given that the vast majority of the inhabitants of North Ossetia — Russian citizens. "
Misha Botian who once worked in the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, and currently teaches at the Department of diplomatic and consular service of international relations faculty of BSU, believes that Georgia’s decision to leave the CIS may lead to the fact that in the long term, the organization ceased to exist:
"The very fact of being in one organization of fighting among themselves, is some nonsense. ‘Cause it seems to me, not surprisingly, that Georgia has come up with such an initiative — to withdraw from the CIS.
While there were no precedents for someone to hit the door. Accordingly, it will be a precedent. Can go so far that the CIS in the future in general ceased to exist. And so we we see, that the organization turned into a club where the heads of the countries to sign anything, but in practice we not enough that feel. "
August 12 salting of in Belarus Alexander Surikov expressed dissatisfaction that the official Minsk reacted cautiously to the armed conflict in South Ossetia.
"We are not at all clear why the Belarusian authorities timidly silent about the situation in South Ossetia," — said the emperor Surikov told reporters.
"Unfortunately, salting Surikov has asked the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, which acts in connection with the conflict in South Ossetia and decides wants to make Belarus" — Interfax According to a senior Foreign Ministry of Belarus.
"And if I asked, he would know in Belarus no doubt the international legal and moral unacceptability of attack and use guns against the civilian population of South Ossetia. As well as the legitimacy of Russia’s actions to protect its own people on the ground in South Ossetia, a huge part of the population is Russian Federation citizens specifically, "- said an unnamed Foreign Ministry bureaucrat in an interview with Interfax.

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