Alexander Lukashenko: Europeans put to us unacceptable conditions

The question Reuters, whether you want to do great business with the West, Alexander Lukashenko said that "always wished we Europeans have long suggested the areas of cooperation and the ways of cooperation that brought us to a level not bad neighbors. But Europeans are not only only at the moment, and always put us to unacceptable conditions. We are very hard to break, we generally impossible to break, and we have no knees deliver. Look at the map — we are in the center of the civilized world, because we are hard to get around and go round . You should be aware, if you do not want in your own house, in the center of the house to have tension, make the area which would be similar to Chechnya and even any part of the world, and I am sure that the Europeans and the Russians do not need it then you will be required to cooperate with us. As civilized people will be required to recognize that these most Belarusians have the same national interests, as well as the Germans, British or French, Czechs, Poles and Ukrainians.
"We will certainly leave, taxied to the civilized rails"
President of Belarus said that "Europe must realize that we — the measured off part of Europe. We have a lot of do not ask, we say, let’s talk let’s negotiate, and you have seen would that the Belarusian management, our country — is that of a partner, and that lust is no longer necessary. We will certainly leave, taxied to those civilized rails, which are characteristic Worldwide, but it takes time. We crawl out from the ruins, we go out of the pit … "
"Demand from the Russian Federation to pay for all the services provided to her free of Belarus"
Lukashenka: "We no longer just sad that such barbaric acts undertaken country, our ally, the closest country for us, where we live the closest people. A Russian President reads: "We wish to market relations." So that’s the basis of this principle, the criterion of the market we also demand from the Russian Federation to pay for all the services provided to her free of Belarus. For instance, to make the Russian armed forces here in the western direction, so that they do function which at the moment make the Belarusian armed forces of the Russian Federation in tsyaprashnih prices would be useful 25 billion dollars. "
"We are ready to renounce all claims against the Russian Federation"
Lukashenka: "I am sure that in Russia and in business and in politics (as this decision does not entrepreneurs, politicians and decision), I am confident that common sense will overcome and return to our homeland of Belarus to the principles of cooperation, which it was built. And we are ready for it suprauovnitstva in at least some day,
We are 10 years old with the previous management of the RF brick to brick to build our business. And we do not tend to be pioneers of the destruction of our relationship … Recent statement by President Putin and of other members of the Government of the Russian Federation they say that, that they want to continue the alliance with the case our state. We are ready for this, but this requires some practical steps. For its part, we are ready to do immediately, and abandon all claims, which I have just that read — monetary, economic to Russian Federation, if our homeland did likewise with his own hand. "

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