Alexander Milinkevich gave an interview with Reuters

"I am sure that power yet to be fully felt throughout the threat that threatens the current situation Belarusian economy. She thinks that the existing system of economic management team still has reserves and resources. This is a mistake that will cost you dearly Belarusians. The question is, what steps the authorities are now willing to go to correct the situation. I do not wish that in the country there was a collapse of the economy. I am categorically against economic sanctions against Belarus, — said Alexander Milinkevich.
Alexander Milinkevich also stated its readiness to begin a dialogue with the government and contribute to the normalization of political and economic contacts between Belarus and the Euro Union:
"If authorities have begun to reform, I am ready to help Belarus verbovanii European resources. If the government starts doing certain conditions, both Europe and we democratic forces, open to cooperation. I’m ready for joint, concerted action, but the regime must begin to liberate political prisoners, give freedom to the press, parties, and public organizations. After completing these criteria, I first make a statement for the resumption of economic and political contacts with Belarus in Europe "- said in an interview with Alexander Milinkevich" Reuters ".

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