Alexander Milinkevich: No one favorite to defeat the dictatorship simply unrealistic. (Video)

Recording video clips transmission (4 Mb). Milinkevich: "I was very upset when the Political Council of the majority of votes decided the rotation. By rotation of the 1st no favorite, but all the favorites. Only in turn. "

Audio list of Stanislaus Kholodovich Ivatsevichy "Pochetaemy Alexander Milinkevich, you need to make the correct correct — not to take part in the Congress of Democratic Forces. You should know that the region for you, not for the organizers of the Congress. Apparently, the organizers of the Congress is interested more grants than changes in our country. region in long gone notions to any party who owns, and has supporters and opponents of the government authorities. "
Listen to the transfer of Alexander Ulitenko the evening air on Friday, February 16.

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