Alexander Rahr: Lukashenko is nothing else like knocking on the door of the West

"He wants to prove that he and his country have a nominee, and specifically pro-Western orientation, which he shall choose, if you leave Our homeland support Belarus" — says the analyst. In his view, political philosophy very Lukashenko is ordinary: a stronger moral obligation secured and the Russian people — contain a younger brother, the people of Belarus. Which in gratitude will always be act on the side of in politics, Russian foreign policy initiative to support and be an outpost of the Russian Federation in the case of conflict with the West.
"Lukashenko is also confident — highlights version political scientist — that" younger "people of Belarus, who never openly opposed the RF has historical ties with Russian and suffered during the second World War I, deserves to be considered the birthplace of Our Belarus as part of its economy and did not increase the prices of their products, including energoelementy. "
"This view may seem weird. But it is shared by many members of the elite of Belarus. Lukashenko offended by Russian authorities believe that they have thrown moral views, which seemed to him historically justified, "- said the emperor Rahr.
By him, attitude to the latest statements Alexander Lukashenko West ambivalent. "Many experts believe that it is driven into a trap. Our homeland, which will build with the upcoming all countries CIS market business, leave it in a certain degree of support. Therefore, Lukashenko is nothing else to do, how to knock on the doors of the West, thence to receive assistance. Those analysts stress that the first step Lukashenko to be accepted in the West, must opening up the economy to foreign investors. This will cause a degree of confidence in its pro-Western orientation, "- said Alexander Rahr.

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