America has already taken over the Arctic

America has already taken over the Arctic
Managing the U.S. Navy is preparing a new plan for the development of the northern seas

The U.S. wants to intensify the implementation of programs of research and development aimed at preparing the ships of the fleet for operations in the Arctic criteria. Earlier control of the U.S. Navy intended to ensure the presence of warships to the northern seas to the mid 2030s. But now decided to speed up the process and finish it 10 years earlier, in other words by the middle 2020s. This is justified by the increase in temperature of the oceans and melting of Arctic ice spirited. Arctic heats twice faster than any other part of the planet.

I saw the chief oceanographer and navigator Navy Adm. Jonathan White, own first management plan for the Arctic, the Arctic «road map», the management of the Navy developed four years back, in 2009.

But during this period in the Arctic environment has undergone tremendous configuration. The situation in this region varies somewhat faster than implied Navy specialists. Because the management of the South American Navy has decided to accelerate the process of development of the marine and oceanic areas. White noted that the extent of the open water areas in the northern seas will increase significantly by the middle of the 20s of this century. That being allocated admiral demanded revision of an old «road map».

Melting ice will allow Navy ships already in the midst of the 20s of this century, more free to walk in once completely ice-covered waters and least active use of icebreakers. In connection with a plan to reduce the Navy is following the conquest of the Arctic has been revised plan for all relevant activities.
Arctic brand new «roadmap» aimed at creating cash criterion for the development of technologies that posodeystvuyut U.S. Navy ships normally and work fine in a very complex criteria Arctic climate.
Management, Ministry of the Navy launched a work to create a mechanism capable of ensuring removal of ice from the deck, with devices placed on it and from the ship. Used for this special paint resistant to ice. As the admiral said White, in the current time is also developing a special heating units that will be installed in all structural components of ships designed to operate in the Arctic criteria.
According to the admiral, Navy experts at doing research aimed at the development of technologies to strengthen the hulls of some ships, so that they could withstand the pressure of the ice. In addition, the issues of infrastructure expansion of naval bases in the region.
He stressed that at the moment considering the issue of the types of aircraft to be operated in the Arctic, and the supply of aviation fuels and lubricants in very harsh conditions of the north. «We need to start looking for workable solutions that will make the Arctic Navy less than 10 years», — said the admiral.

As stated by the management of the Navy in the future in the waters of the Arctic seas are likely to be consumed, amphibious assault ships and cruisers made using technologies that allow them to work perfectly in the Arctic seas.

According to White, the special group of Navy weather configurations assessment found that the rate of snowmelt in the Arctic continues to grow constantly. In this regard, management Navy decided to accelerate the deployment of the Arctic groups and reduced the process of its creation almost 10 years.

Official dealer Command oceanographic operations Navy Robert Freeman said that the melting of the Arctic ice commanders American SSBNs patrolling the northern seas, reported back in the 90s of the last century. Now the situation is even more difficult.

Preparation of the U.S. Navy to carry out operations in the Arctic zone, as explained to Admiral White and Freeman, is associated with considerable difficulties. In this zone yet processed and hardened warships pass routes, there is no necessary equipment and infrastructure for communications combat units operating in the region. In addition, there is strong enough ports and bases for organizing the logistics of American warships.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said not so long ago that the Arctic could become one of the important areas of national security in the coming decades, the United States, if there will be prolonged climatic configuration. The presence in the northern part of our planet huge supplies of oil, gas and other mineral resources, rare earth metals and significant fish supplies may be a precursor of a large variety of competition for access to these riches.

Vladimir Ivanov

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