Americans love the referendums more than Belarusians

It turns out that Americans love more referendums Belarusians. The only thing that national referendums are held there. But local — as they want, every four years.
In reality, the American term referendum generally refers to the vote, which offers power (executive or legislative). But local referendums organized on the initiative of voters — about What does the talking — are classified title ballot initiative or ballot proposition (Electoral initiative or election bid).
In California and 3 other states, voters in November 4th day supported the initiative to ban gay marriage.
In the state of Washington passed a proposal to allow euthanasia, in other words, give doctors permission to help terminally unwell suicide. Previously, such permission was granted by referendum in the adjacent state of Oregan.

The inhabitants of San Francisco rejected the offer, so the local station cleaning gutter to give the name of President George W. Bush.

And here in Colorado and South Dakota voters rejected a proposal to impose formidable restrictions on abortion.
Not counting those really important and controversial social issues for the tribunal were made public and more than the lungs. For example, residents of San Francisco rejected the offer, so the local station cleaning gutter to give the name of President George W. Bush.
All these proposals have one common feature — if they are supported by voters, they become local (regular) law.
John Samplz, South American expert samavradavyh issues, we said that the initiative of local referendums, which first appeared in the United States about 100 years ago, help voters to participate in the democratic process in those cases where the legislature ignored their interests.
What if a local referendum adopted a law that clearly violates human rights? Samplz answers:
"In cases where a large part of the law specifically introduced that violates human rights, courts often intervene and protect these rights. During the past due to concerns rights violations person is not severe justification, as a majority support for the initiative is not the last word in the political system, but only one of the steps. "
But political scientist Peter Scary Boston Institute of Radio Liberty said that although the practice of local referendums should remain as a typical "safety valve" for public dissatisfaction with the legislation, it still writing, and take the law in general must Prof. left legislator who understand what they write and they accept.

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