Amnesty International: release Kozulin — good news

Dasledchytsa "Amnesty International" in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova Heather McGill said that Alyaksandr Kozulin — and it is a pleasant little sudden news. Let me remind you, this is a popular international organization declared sovereign Kozulin prisoner of conscience and fought for his immediate release.

, We hope that this positive attitude towards Human Rights will continuesmiling.

"We are here litsezreem very positive developments in the human rights situation in Belarus. Was previously released four more political prisoners. And, we hope that this positive attitude to human Rights will last. But we still have some trouble relating to human rights in Belarus. "
In this regard, «Amnesty International» mentions a new media law, which violates the right to freedom of expression. On this week organization is launching a campaign for the repeal of Article 193-1 of the Criminal Code, which, in her opinion, violates the right to freedom of assembly. Also, "Amnesty International" in favor of abolishing the death penalty in Belarus, which has already canceled in other European statesah. "Amnesty International" continues to look for the fate of Sergei Parsyukevich and Andrei Kim.
Alexander Kozulin appealed to the United Nations, demanding Belarusian authorities own full rehabilitation. Ms. McGill said:
"We certainly want him in this success. If we demand the release of prisoners of conscience, we require it to be an immediate and undeniable liberation.
We want to Kazulin success in the future. He probably already beheld his family. So let freedom he enjoyed. "
International Federation for Human Rights also monitored the fate of Alexander Kozulin. Regarding the release of political prisoner vice president of the federation said Ales Bialiatski:

This overall achievement as Belarusian human rights activists, and various structures zabugornyh

"This is a common achievement as Belarusian human rights activists and different zabugornyh structures — both governmental and non-governmental. And there is a part of our awards. And because I am very pleased took the news. I wish that this trend is not stopped by Kozulin, because we have two more political prisoners. And I would like to practice criminal prosecution for their political beliefs for social position in Belarus was completed. "

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