Andrea Rigoni — new PACE rapporteur on Belarus

Chairman, Subcommittee on Belarus, which operates within the framework of the Political, Estonian MP Andres Herkel explained that in the last special rapporteur, who provided a report to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, was Pourgourides. Let me remind you, this report was devoted to political disappearances in Belarus.
But later the two speakers had the ability to finish their work. For example, Azerbaijani MP Asim Mollazade after the election did not join the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE. In part this work made himself emperor Herkel when needed urgently prepare a report on the presidential elections in Belarus.
But the practice, chairman of the subcommittee can not be immediately and rapporteur. Sovereign Herkel hopes for cooperation with the new Special Rapporteur on Belarus — sovereign Andrea Rigoni.
Sovereign Herkel explained to why need Rapporteur on Belarus.
Herkel: "After all the issues related to Belarus, concerning not only the elections. And this applies to the whole range of events taking place in this state. Report in Belarus in the near future need to provide to the Parliamentary Assembly. And I hope that the report will be more specific in 2007 . "
According to Herkel, the situation in Belarus has not changed to the best.
Herkel: "We have a very close look at those what’s happening. From the standpoint of democratic development, unfortunately, has not been positive developments. Naturally, there was the visit of President of the Parliamentary Assembly, but so far impossible to make any conclusions about how it had an impact. "
Sovereign Herkel very smart requirements referred Europeans to be perform the Belarusian authorities.
Herkel: "And the questions about political prisoners, non-governmental organizations and freedom of speech — these remain the basic requirements. To Belarus returned for himself the special guest status with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the need to have positive signs. With the current situation, I do not see that anything has changed. "
Russian MP Konstantin Kosachev said that "Rapporteur must be impartial and objective. "
Kosachev: "In general, the line that leads to the EU total isolation of Belarus — kontarpraduktyvnaya because only promotes conservation of the problems that exist inside Belarus and in Russia we also recognize and litsezreem. But if we want to help and management, and the people of Belarus, the do it need through dialogue rather than isolation. In This is the meaninge control position and personally PACE van der Linden, who recently visited Minsk, seems to us more wise and promising. "

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