Andrei Kim: I was released in 7 minutes

In an interview with "Freedom" Andrew Kim said that his prastupak "pulled" administrative detention for a maximum of 10-15 days — for his role in an unsanctioned event. As for the guilt for the violence against the police officer, Andrew Kim did not recognize her at the trial and did not recognize until now.Kim
"How unreasonably condemned and released. Summoned in the morning after the night shift, said the decree of pardon and gave a certificate of exemption. Gave to pack a couple of minutes and eventually release the entire procedure was completed in 7 minutes. Managed to pick up the only book — weigh 50 pounds, because left at the station. "Correspondent
"Hopes for the premature release?"Kim
"At first, his hopes, and later began a provocation, and did not rule out that I, as they say in the zone," tighten "7-8 years. Soon I had the night shift — did everything that I less contact with people . Did not have time to think and release. "Correspondent
"And you have learned in the bullpen that previously released Kozulin?"Kim
"Yes, pronounced the prisoners, but they often give inaccurate information and did not have faith. Only when I saw the story on NTV, believe me. Yes and then left the idea that they can just release him."Correspondent
"What can you say about the Belarusian Bullpen? What conditions there?"Kim
"Conditions usual. Anyway, I was so. But what really struck me — is the number of people who are sitting there without guilt. This is over 70%. I became acquainted with their stories, read files, documents — nightmare. But now I I know that there are people who need help. bullpen Before I thought it was me one such convict without guilt, and very many of these. zavoodav So are sitting director, musicians, doctors, businessmen … Why so? Ever since the Russian times we’ve got the whole system should be based on violence. While we can not change it, but I hope with the help of God to change. I have a dream that everyone in our country belong to Jesus Christ. Hopefully it will be. "Correspondent
"Do you have plans for the future?"Kim

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