Another lawsuit against Newspapers Slonim

Now held a preparatory meeting in court to claim "Newspapers Slonim."
The lawsuit was the article "Do not do good — do not get evil" (number "heavy" from 27.08.2008). Publication talked about how Slonim disabled room and found, as it was during the elections, appealed to the opposition candidate Ivan Shaggy.
Sheha and led him to a journalist, and when the material has been prepared by members of the public were asked to print nothing — say, in the executive committee promised to solve the problem of.
Candidate Ivan Sheha then received a warning from the district commission: Tipo promised disabled real support in exchange for the signature and vote for him in the elections.
Then Sergei Chigrin published material. A Novikov, managing society appealed to the Tribunal. Allegedly, the facts do not correspond to reality, but without the permission of Tipo journalist wrote it on the recorder.
Sergei Chigrin states that such a case met for the first time: walking assist the disabled, it is not clear what happened.

I held the recorder 10 centimeters from Novikova and lawyer Fomenkova 30 minutes

Chigrin: "And here I found myself without their permission turned on the recorder … This recorder I held 10 centimeters from Novikova and lawyer Fomenkova 30 minutes, and now they say they did not know, and that I did not warn them."
Mrs. Novikov in turn reads violated her rights.
Novikov: "We can read about a lot, but it does not mean that without my permission, you can publish it."
At the end of last month, "Slonim Newspaper" was rejected by the municipal enterprise "Belpochta" to include it in the subscription catalog. Since 2006, the contract with the newspaper also broke "Belsoyuzpechat" and local trade. All this time weekly reach readers through various distributors. To everything This year Editorial denied tenancy, and to this day, journalists can not find in their own town unchanging place under study.

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