At the precinct commissions addressed the election results

Grounds for termination of the election race were the results of the formation of precinct election commissions. 69,845 members in the midst of opposition commissions are only a few 10’s of people. This means that government opponents virtually excluded from the counting of votes.
Specifically, the district commissions believe voters. Because even what party election race so important to have their own representatives here.
In the district election commissions democratic forces received third place in each commission. Hence, there were hopes that the opposition, at least partially, and allow to count the votes. But this did not happen. Why?
First deputy chairman of the BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka provides further clarification:
"The fact that falsifications made technically in election commissions. And because the higher the commission, the less there is the ability to resist the process of falsification.
And I should note that Ms. Yarmoshina in a sense, not in vain, they say that we are looking for the process and the process is normal. Yes, formal process can be even very ordinary. A little will happen izymatelstva law and justice. "
At the CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina their outlook on the formation of election commissions:
"Fact, that the right of those who make commission. You can criticize this position, but it is their right.
To be honest, I do not really agree with this. I do not talking about, you need to completely satisfy all requests. But it is necessary to approach this carefully. And it was my constant recommendation.
Yet, acts of local authorities are legitimate. And adjust them somehow I can not. Indeed, this right of those who make commission. They select candidates. "
Independent contender for parliamentary mandate Leonid Nevar of Rechitsy convinced the authorities that could not be regarded as the voice of their own opponents, as fear that this time people will vote against the government:
"We walked from door to door and have a complete picture of how people live. They began to live compared to the previous elections is much worse, much poorer. And naturally dissatisfied compared to the previous elections much more almost 90%, and perhaps even in some field and little more. "
Democracy activist Sergei Alfer says: at the top there was no order to the local vertical prevent opposition to precinct commissions:
"Who is for local control Yarmoshina? For them she is a nobody.’s So received instructions from the regional executive committees of Lukashenka’s administration, that would include all members of the opposition, which put forward. And not received, each based on the self-recognition. And it is the officials not included — will not be worse, and inclusive — you utter: and what did you do? We’re for you had read about it.
At the precinct commissions addressed the election results. Probably there are several committees where they included a couple of people. Here in Brest, for example, in a military unit in the clinic. But they do not significantly affect the results of elections in the district. Either there will be a falsification, or it will not. "
So whether united democratic forces to boycott the elections?
Co-Chairs of the Political Council of the UDFAnatoly Lebedkostates that will be held August 30 great meeting of the Political Council:
"On the role of all registered candidates, and maybe even the role of all those who were in a single list of SLM. And only this configuration may take a final legal decision." Tags: elections, Yermoshina, percent, boycott Commission

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