At this point see the real value of the Belarusian economic miracle

In These days are, when the world is experiencing the effects of global economic crisis, many in Belarus sets for itself the question: how the decline of the world economy will affect the life of Belarusians? What should I expect in the near future?
The answer to this question and try to give some students in his letters to the "Freedom". From the 1st such messages start current conversation. We wrote Konstantin Kazko of Nesvizhsky area:
"Surprisingly, that our authorities so not many rumors about the doldrums. You look state television, the crisis somewhere far away — in the West and in Russia. And in Belarus — solid merit, economic growth, a record collection. And in general we have chosen such a perfect economic model that we are not afraid of any crisis. America itself takes us an example: under the state confiscates wing private banks and financial companies that went bankrupt.
But why at such successes we have one by one reduces the creation of the factory? Why is very difficult to change for hard currency Belarusian Ruble? Why finished growing wages and pensions, but the prices for the most necessary as a chain broke?
At the moment, it is time that would be trivial for all present value of so-called "Belarusian economic miracle." The consequences of this miracle, many began to feel "
— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" of Constantine Kazko Nesvizhsky district.
The Belarusian economy is aimed first at export. And if the world reduced demand for petroleum products, potash fertilizers, food — it can not get around Belarus.
That officials are trying to calm public opinion, confident in the strength of the state economy and the banking system — of course, explains the fear of panic in the midst of bank depositors. This fear is due entirely justified and, because panic can have tragic consequences of the current criteria.
Another thing — the fact that the Belarusian scientists, spices, analysts do not have the ability to open a discussion on the situation to the public, what was the state economy as a result of the crisis, and together find a way out of it. Silencing does not contribute to helping society was sober, impartial view of the present state of the Belarusian economy. And if you find a way out and will not be easy and normal.
The theme of the new letter our friend Nicholas Kukso of Ivyanets Volozhin district — Moral view of the modern Belarusian youth. A listener writes:
"On a small bridge over the river, on which so comfortable way to reduce the shop regularly from year to year vylomvayutstsa railing. Grouped on the shore of the reservoir shops certainly thrown into the water. Vases of flowers along the street razmolachivayutsya and urns — overturned. Porto signs. Even the sign in the cafe, where young backed time disco entertainment is broken. And nobody worried that destroyed human work, but this time somewhere in the collective farms remain under snow potatoes or beets. Nobody is now do not bother. "
Next to his own letter to freedom Nicholas Kukso argues that such behavior was a prerequisite for the youth. A listener writes:
"I think that it — not only Russian adryganne past times segodnyaschy youth remembers. This — a consequence of the policy of" goblets and greaves ", lack of reform that led to stagnation and stagnation in the economy and in society as a whole. Youth are not has a clear and specific benchmarks, and vandalism — a typical protest against poverty and bleak future.
By the way, is very curious that the youth does not hit stores Signs personal, not paint the walls there neprystoynastsyami no breaks in their ornamental trees. And why not? Because he knows that all this man has done at his own expense. Moreover, she knows this man and respect him for his diligence. A municipal property — Tipo total and immediately draw. If young people do not have anything for the soul, if it has no prospects — so never see the owner’s sense of country, town, street, and in the end — love for the motherland, which nothing can give young people, not counting the goblets yes cracklings. Sad and hurt "
— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" of Nikolai Kukso Ivyanets Volozhin district.
I do not think the emperor Kukso that of young hooligans worth read only as victims of the social system and current events. And from personal attacks on shops they abstain unlikely only because of the enormous reverence for private property. Just know that the private trader carefully guards his own shop and there is a great opportunity to get the bad blows for such antics. Another thing — a public transport stop, a bench in the park or disco …
In general, the problem of consumer culture, public behavior of young people — a long-standing. It’s all on the "dictatorial regime" do not sleep. And bring such beybusav only vshchuvannyami not necessary. Naturally, each of them will not put a policeman. But police in Belarus so much that if she had previously lurked behind those who do harm in doorways and parks, and lay in wait not socially active youth and dispersed the opposition shares — view Belarusian settlements would be markedly different.
Kutsee subsequent letter sent us a retired teacher Ales from the village Lyaskovsky Sugak Volkovysk District. Arguing about the post-election Belarusian reality, listener writes:
"I fainted while waiting for positive change in our society. But still constantly listen to the Radio Liberty, hoping for a magic likely due to cloudy heights for our long-suffering people.
The recent events in Belarus — my subsequent poetic work:
"The power that itself chooses
No conscience, no shame do not have,
In criminal and the people playing the game.
But keep in mind the need to pro-government prodigal people
Except that of the earth, and God has tribunal! "-

Indeed, Alexander, in the current situation, many rely only on the "transcendental magic." Although if I were doing configurations own efforts — perhaps elections in Belarus were on another, and present life would be completely different.
At the end — a letter from the husband and wife Capitolina Riabtseva and Nicholas Goshko village of Nice Tolochinsky district. Students talk about their difficult destiny, speaking out about the place occupied in their lives Radio Liberty. I quote the letter:
"We — the former teacher in time worked hard with the children. Currently retired. Could would somehow survive, if coupled with old age did not come to us and languid tests. We have lost two of their own sons. Junior — Sergey — was a 4th year student of Minsk Theatre and Art Institute. Died under mysterious circumstances during a rock concert in Minsk. He was only 24 years old.
Thought that we could not survive this tremendous sorrow that we realized. But then we were young and somehow were able to continue to live and work.
Yes fate was preparing us a new kick. Two years back the eldest son died Alexander — suddenly braked heart. How to survive such an old and unhealthy? Ultimately husband suffered a heavy attack, and I zlegla and currently bedridden. Thank God that is not lost mind. No enthusiasm for life, but somehow we have to live up to their own a day or …
So here, we help you live, Radio Liberty. Your lovely voice we hear every morning. Feel of your gear and vvazhlivasts kindness to people who "Freedom" helps not only to live, and to survive. Know the names of all your employees, and very grateful for all the programs.
Unfortunately, not so long ago suddenly spoiled our receiver. Could not repair it. Buy new not Pockets, because most of our pensions given to the medication. So sorry that we can not hear you over "
— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Capitolina Riabtseva and Nik
olai Goshko village of Nice Tolochinsky district.
God forbid you for strength and patience pochetaemye Capitolina and Nikolai M., relive those languid tests fallen to your lot. We are happy that our work at least in some degree to help you awaken enthusiasm for life and the surrounding events. We will be glad if our little gift — a shortwave receiver — help in this for you, davneshnim another "Freedom."
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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