Barack Obama: from whence he came?

His father, Barack Hussein Obama, was from Kenya and his mother, Ann Dunham, from Kansas. The ancestors of the future president met in 1960 while studying at the Institute of Hawaii, where Obama Sr. was a foreign student. They were married on February 2, 1961, six months before the birth of the offspring.
When Obama was two years, ancestors were divorced, and in 1964 they took the formal divorce. After the divorce, my mother came to re-married an Indonesian, and in 1967 the family moved to Indonesia, where Obama went to school. When Obama was 10 years old, my mother divorced again and returned with her son to Hawaii.
When my mother, who was an anthropologist, again traveled to Indonesia, Obama was in Hawaii under the care of grandparents, to complete high school. His grandmother, Madeline, size 2 November 2008, for a day or two before the grandson chose the 44th President of the United States.
As a young Barack Obama was fond of basketball. In his autobiography, he wrote: "According to the latest least on the basketball court I could join a community with its own internal life. This is where I found the nearest snowy own friends, in a society where dark skin was not a drawback."
In Los Angeles, Obama went to college, but soon transferred to Columbia University in New York, where he graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences. Obama admitted that in those years the institute tried marijuana and cocaine — he led as his "greatest moral failure."
Living in New York, Obama learned that his father, whom he hardly knew, died in a car tragedy. Obama met and Kenya to visit his father’s grave.
Received a university degree, Obama Three years worked in Chicago as so called community organizer — a person who encouraged the poor to organize themselves politically to improve own life. This languid and nizkaaplachvanuyu job Obama later called his own "best education."
After the first post of his own, he enrolled at Harvard Law School, one of the more elite schools for American lawyers. After graduating, he began working in a law firm in Chicago, where he met his future wife, Michelle, who also graduated from Harvard Law School. They married in 1992, their two daughters — 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha.
In 1996, Obama began his political career — he was elected to the Senate in Illinois. Year earlier from his mother died of cancer.
In 2004, Obama decided to try his luck in the elections to the U.S. Senate. During the campaign, he directed the attention of John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for the then presidential elections. Kerry asked Obama to deliver a keynote speech at a national convention of Democrats.
Obama shocked everyone Yankees before television appeal not to think about themselves as Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives, and merge in love own country and respectful to each other.
Obama’s speech, which is 17 minutes hard, with his role katapultavala obscure provincial lawyer to the status of a national political star.
Obama just won his own mandate in the Senate from Illinois in 2004, and immediately started talking about him as a future presidential candidate.
In February 2007 Obama said, he wants to fight for the U.S. presidency.

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