BATE persevered. Who follow?

BATE Borisov 1-1 draw ended the match on his own field with Bulgarian club "Levski" (Sofia). A large part of the match with ten men after Belarusians played removal striker Gennady Gemini, which was removed at the 43rd minute.
In the first match in Sofia defeated BATE 1-0 such makarom segodnyaschy draw will allow BATE play least 6 matches of strongest football clubs in Europe.
From Borisov — Correspondent "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankovets:
"In Borisov is currently something feerychnae people obymayutsya and kiss and congratulate each other. Access to the group step Champions League — the most tremendous achievement of Belarusian football in the history of independence. Not to say that the match was formed for BATE is not difficult, faster opposite. The end of the 1st half was deleted favorite attack, Gennadi Bliznyuk. It seemed that the team struggled from the Bulgarians and did not think about the attack. But later managed to level the game.
Now Borisov very noisy, encouraging many police, but no hassles and no excesses. The stadium now were very huge security measures would not let people with knapsack or water, even streamers and flags was impossible to carry. There were a few ordinary blue-yellow flags fans, but there was no municipal flags. The stadium was absolutely packed, and a lot of wishing could not get to the match. "Tags: BATE Champions cup

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