Battle for the collection: from 6.00 to 24.00

From 9 am I next to the workshop in the agricultural cooperative Makarovtsy Berestovitsky district. Most of the harvesters slid on the field and around the 1st zealous master. Greeting, ask how this year goes cleaning. Man:
"Normally, I have 15 years in the food processor. This year’s collection is very good, I do not remember such." Reporter:
"A harvester is not bad either still often have to fix?" Man:
"Well, of course, do not compare with those that were previously. Easier to manage, view from the cockpit profitable. And when you’re in the cockpit, there is no dust." Reporter:
"And as parts?" Man:

About combine wages they say reluctantly, they say just for 1 ton of grain namolochennogo pay them for two thousand rubles. And in the day they namolachivayut from 60 to 140 tons, regardless of the combine.
The Chairman is responsible for the economy, that are made for cleaning all conditions: people twice a day fed, no problems with the fuel. In general, the farm supplied with gas in the apartments all the facilities even open a cafe.
On zernotoka I asked people — whether they are satisfied life in rural areas? 1st man:
"Man has always hunt to get better." Reporter:
"What do you say?"Second emperor
"I will join that said friend." 1st man:
"We look telly litsezreem European standard of living, and Russian, and we strive to hunt the best." Reporter:
"And you have to rest for at least once a year in a sanatorium?" Hiking people:

In the adjoining farm in the village of Grodno region Indura found around the workshop only deputy head engineer. Nicholas Sparrow
states that everyone in the field. Ask enough workers. Sparrow:
"People are a little lacking. Tractor Those who went to the harvesters, tractors, some of their work. A could accelerate other works: stsirtavats grass plow. With parts more or less, but the money in the economy is not enough. General, with means always the case. " On the field — Deputy Chairman of the economy. Kazimir Kizyuk
He praises the harvesters, both Russian and zabugornye. States that the collection — 75 quintals per hectare, and thanks to good engineering collect it without losses.
Next to us combiner assistant, a young boy Valera. I see that it is quite tired, though not recognized. Reporter:
"And go, Valera, now get up?" Valeria:
"At 6 am, and went yesterday at 12 o’clock." Reporter:
"So, the dance and not walking?" Valeria:

"No, it’s not hunting, I just came to the pillows — and sleep." Tags:, harvest

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