Be or not to be the Congress of Democratic Forces, will be clear in the subsequent week

Not yet found a place
While the organizing committee has two failure to space — from the concert hall "Minsk" and the Palace of Culture Automobile. Other general no responses yet. The situation with the Palace of Culture Tractor Plant unreliable. According to the chairman of the organizing committee of the Congress Bukhvostova Alexander, from the response of his administration that this palace is able to provide space for only two hours. Director Vladimir Kiruta palace said that on March 17 already occupied room:
Kiruta: "I gave the answer, but he’s not certain this answer. I do not know if they are needed there. On what date? But there are no phones, so someone will call. A applicants also do not call."
Alexander Bukhvostau believes that, as in other cases, this question will be addressed by the authorities:
Bukhvostau: "This answer does not mean anything, because no Palace of Culture tractor plant will determine to hold a congress or not. This will define a completely different instance. And until we receive a response from Minsk city executive committee, we have no reason to expect that there will be given space in Minsk. "
"Mass rigged" signatures delegates — heresy
To This time process has not ended yet prove opportunities delegates. According to the chairman of the Central Monitoring Commission Vladimir Labkovich while you can read only the presence of about 530 delegates. And to check the signatures collected rest of the delegates, it is useful for another month. Municipal media have reacted to it.
Labkovich: "Those rumors about rigging, who speak in the media mass disk imaging, often exaggerated. The delegates are not recognized in part on the basis that they have created or collected signatures error violations of political agreements and regulations which were approved by the united democratic forces. But talk about the massive falsification — it is heresy. There is no mass falsification of signatures. "
Congress did not wish to all
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Congress Bukhvostau Alexander says that compared to last Congress of Democratic Forces for the moment to work even harder. You can meet the target date?
Bukhvostau: "With Every funny day becomes more difficult. If in Minsk, we can meet. Fact, that no final decisions fundamentally. It seems to be in Congress, but at the same time felt that not everyone is willing Congress. The following week will be a meeting at which should find quite: to be or not Congress. It is very difficult to prepare the Congress, if there is such uncertainty. In such criteria is very difficult to conduct targeted training. "
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