Be2gether begun, despite the downpour

Our correspondent reports from the scene of the festival:
"I’m riding in Vilnius by train and it was full of young people, who directed the festival. Border very amused us:" Oh, you’re on prazdnichek … "
In Vilnius, the morning was a beautiful sunny weather, everywhere we beheld advertising festival. But almost an hour before the opening of the festival went to the rain, and there is currently a downpour.
The festival begins with a concert of NRM in the most important stage. Take them very badof the atmosphere is very peaceful. People until heated dance … Lavon Wolski was a concert cheerfully saying in Belarus bad weather does not happen …
Despite the rain, many people strongly. I calculated the 12 white-red-white flags.
I was at a festival in Last year, And, frankly, this field now has not found out — very many sculptures, a tent camp more than Last year, fluttering white-red-white flags — I think there’s a lot of Belarusians.
Enthusiasm for the festival in This year large. On the way to Norvilishek tube was such that he had to walk three kilometers, and even diplomatic cars with Georgian flag stood in line — so many cars went to the festival. "Tags: festival, be2gether, Norvilishki

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