Be2gether: Fools Garden uplift fantastic

Our correspondent reports: The audience greeted the German musicians very hot and did not let go for a long time from the scene. "Lemon Tree", a composition Fools Garden, occupied the first row in the charts leading global radio stations.

On Saturday were Belarusians — Mogilev group "Mauser" (last "Comrade Mauser") and Osimira. Hosts of the festival — the Lithuanian group Skyle with charming soloist Ayste Smilgevichute — also made very well.

The weather during the second day of the festival, as opposed to a day or the first with showers and thunderstorms was simply breathtaking. Because opening of the park guchashchyh sculptures came on Saturday. Belarusian architect Valentin rapidly presented his work — wood harp. Notable compositions did Swedes, Estonians, Moldavians, Lithuanians.

Determine and Belarusian athletes. In competition drag rope Belarusians took first place in football — 4th (out of 6).
A tent city in fluttering white-red-white flags. By the number of them was no less than the Georgian flag.

Music producer, one of the organizers of the festival "Be Free", which was held last weekend in Lviv Aleksey Lukashevich said ruefully that such festivals in Belarus is very difficult to organize. Permission to hold events Belarusian authorities provide for several days prior to and during such a short term do unreal. Therefore have to Belarusian fans good music to overcome visa prepyadstviya to listen to not only the world-recognized artists, and their home group.
With great joy, the Belarusian diaspora welcomed at the festival and the release of political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin — it came the good news to the Lithuanian very rapidly.
On Sunday — the last day of the festival. But organizers promise in next year conduct and third festival Be2gether.

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