Be2gether with the action in support of Georgia

Managing festival Be2gether Giedrius Klimkyavichyus
Radio Liberty said the other day opening:

"Overall, we had planned so that the festival has to start the greatest of all, that was before, with the role of the fiesta about 300 drummers — Drum2gether.
But at the moment transformed into a fiesta drummers Georgia2gether — we such makarom want to support the Georgian people, through music and art to express their attitude to Georgia, to show that we are together with them. "

Belarusians have joined to create a "sculpture park playing"
After the fiesta on the reels patio home teachers in Vilnius will be shown on the first film festival in 2007. Next programm first evening will be held in clubs and bars in Vilnius, and the gates will open tomorrow afternoon Narvyaliskaga castle, with most of the Lithuanian-Belarusian abroad.
Not counting concerts planned many activities — including their extreme and jumping on the Great in the pool, and the Academy of dance lessons with Lindy hopa, break, salsa and conventional Indian dance.
At the festival will be based "Park playing sculptures" made by artisans from Belarus and Lithuania, as Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Moldova. For instance, there will be statues in the form of a harp, gramophone, which the wind begin to sound, says managing Be2gether Giedrius Klimkyavichyus.
"The festival has become not only the music, and art festivals. This year we have already started a couple of weeks back the clock — were huge creative workshops, working statues, creative young people, and for musicians — twice as many scenes twice artists — so that the festival has grown well compared to last year. "
This year, less tension?
Playground Festival is located 50 meters from the border with Belarus. Last year, the festival recently Ministry of foreign affairs of Belarus issued a statement in which encouraged Lithuania will not allow "hostile propaganda campaigns, nyadobrasusedkay, anti-Belarusian orientation" during the celebration. In This year in Belarus during the festival introduced tighter controls in the border zone and especially in the frontier zone. Last year everything went without incident and this year felt more mutual understanding and trust with the Belarusian side, says festival manager Giedrius Klimkyavichyus.
"I will say this — the music really opened limits, have more confidence and understanding. What happened last year at the festival, is transmitted to the business at all levels — as well as between musicians, and between ordinary people and the political level, I suppose.
We all recognize that we have common interests, and closed borders and people separated from each other — it’s not perfect. So, we come together — connect voedinyzhdy, perhaps, politicians of both countries zvitstsa overall look at each prepyadstviya decision and I think we’re really at the moment even more will smile each other. And this applies not only to problems of relations with Belarus — all the problems of global politics, which we wish to read openly and loudly. "
During the 2-day, on August 15-17, the festival will perform more than 70 groups from around the world, among them Tricky, Groove Armada, LTJ Bukem feat. MC Conrad, Fishbone, Infected Mushroom, Fools Garden. From Belarus this year in the program Be2gether — N.R.M., OSIMIRA, Mauzer. Expected to be about 20 thousand spectators.

During the festival from Vilnius to Salechnikav Narvyalishak will drive additional special buses, but Be2gether encourages all use environmentally untainted transport — great, and everyone who comes to the bike, get free space in the tent city. Tags: Lithuania, festival, be2gether, elarus georgia

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