Beijing 2008: T-shirt, cap and sunglasses

And to close the gap specifically in gold is unlikely to get even the U.S. team, which almost all efforts swimmer Michael Phelps (he fulfilled his promise to get 8 gold medals), tight neck breathes Chinese.
In general, at very highest organization of the Olympic Games can only wonder of local volunteers who can read nothing of the same name Phelps, but they smile with delight when he heard, for example, about his own famous gymnast couple 1980s or today’s Li Nina gold winner in exercises on the stallion Xiao Qin. What is called, each mill on his wheel pulls water.
Surprisingly, but This time outlet stores, which sell products and souvenirs with Olympic symbols, unable to behold nor 1st instance with the image of a Chinese "star". Of course, that Chinese patriotism is only a collective nature.
Meanwhile prices for souvenirs, are presently zmyatayutstsa packs off the shelves, even a little rose. Now the cup with a picture of a runner will cost somewhere in the 7 bucks, approximately the same value such talismans-men. Longer have to pay for a cotton T-shirt (14 dollars), or T-shirt (14-15 bucks).
And they just that product, it must. Already the second day in Beijing, the weather is warm, which can run across in the roast. The right things at the Beijing specific climate — Natural T-shirt, cap and sunglasses. Tags: Olympics, Beijing

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