Belarus — 110th on appeal vkladyvatelnoy

Full list of companies dedicated to the sale, posted on the web page of the Municipal Property Committee. The list made 519 entities. In addition, the government will sell its stakes in 147 already made public companies.
When will the first trades in the relevant departments until they say. But in the Municipal Property Committee clarify that the approach to each enterprise will almost all personal, given the specificity of this or other object. In other words, some factories will be auctioned off, while others will be implemented by competition or by previously defined performance criteria. And the most strategic agreement will at the highest level — through the sanction Alexander Lukashenko.
Prime minictar Belarus Sergei Sidorsky during nedavneshnego Consultative Council on Foreign Investments of the Council of Ministers said that the management of the country confronts the Belarusian economy principal objectives:
"In the current five-year Government planned increment investment in fixed capital in nominal calculation more than quadrupled. In the national economy is planned to invest more than 80 billion dollars. Against 20 billion that have been mastered over the past five years."
Now rating vkladyvatelnoy attractiveness of Belarus occupies a modest 110th place. Task outlined by the head of government, the concept — a couple of years to get into the top thirty.
"The gas pipe will privatize Belarus"

Russian business is interested in Belarusian privatization plans. As a large-scale real coming to Belarus Russian capital?
Workers "Nitrogen" owns 0.036 percent stake in the plant

Open Joint Stock Company "Grodno Nitrogen" created in 1963, became a joint-stock in 2002. The state owns about 100 percent of the authorized capital.

An official in the "Ordinary citizens will be able to participate in the privatization"

Commenting on the plans of the government of Belarus, the State Property Fund Representative Municipal Affairs Committee Barkovskaya property Ira said that the decision to sell shares will be accepted for each object individually, reports BelaPAN.
K. Baravoy: "Belarusian privatization — linden"
Russian politician and businessman Konstantin Borovoy ranges that Belarusian authorities announced privatization zavlechet Russian business.

Privatizing collective farms in Mogilev

Mogilev region by the end of 2009 are going to go public about five hundred companies. This figure announced chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Boris Batura.

Privatization would entail layoffs

What to expect from the announced privatization of ordinary employees of those plants, which will be held refreshed enterprise? Favourite Free Trade Union Gennady Bykov predicts first mass layoffs.
Privatization on a "scam"
Belarusian government bureaucrats never tire of repeating that Belarus, unlike neighboring countries, the privatization process failed to sustain a very successful pause.
Help BelaPAN:
Municipal programm privatization was adopted by the Supreme Soviet in 1993. She divined the privatization of 70% of fixed assets of companies, including the donation of 50% of citizens of privatized objects.
The greatest number (596) of the companies was reformed in 1994. Until the end of 1998, it was privatized and corporatized 3110 companies.
In March 1998, Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree number 3, which introduced a moratorium on the sale of shares in privatized.
At the beginning of 2008 in Belarus was reformed 4129 companies.
Privatization plan for 2008-2010.

Alexander Paskhaver: "Privatization in Ukraine was skandalneyshay than in Russia"

President of Ukrainian Centre for Economic Alexander Paskhaver research analyzes in an interview with Ukrainian service of our radio privatization processes in Ukraine and Russia.
By 2010, Belarus Grow Joint Stock Company 240
Belarus will start mass privatization?
Privatization in Belarus — all for sale to Russians?

Why opaque privatization process?

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