Belarus celebrates 200th anniversary of the artist and musician Napoleon Orda

On the opening ceremony of the journalist knows Lida Stanislav Sudnik:
Sudnik: "It’s the opening ceremony. Lot of youth and older people aged perfectly, which is curious. Mastatstvaznavtstvy act, representatives of the Society of Polish culture. Advertised more than 60 reproductions, collected all the new editions, students Lida pedvuchelni prepared to perform two Polonaise N.Ordy . "

200th anniversary of Napoleon Orda held in Belarus under the auspices of UNESCO. Anniversary marks the public in Grodno, Brest, Pinsk, Ivanovo. According to the chairman Oleg TBM Trusova February 15 in Minsk held a scientific conference with the role of representatives of Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine.
Pant: "Return of Napoleon Orda occurs in full. Between-independent Belarus put a monument in Ivanovo. Currently planned to open a museum. Coin will. Orda Renders monuments of our inheritance. According to figures restorers make reconstruction. Belarus Napoleon Orda done a lot. "

Napoleon Orda was not only a master of building scenery. About his musical legacy reads opera singer Victor Skorobogatov:
Skarabahatau "rich legacy. He published a lot of his works. Everything found, performed during the festival of" Revival "Belorussian Chapel".
And one more news. In Lithuania This year for the first time from afar album art prints of Napoleon Orda. The initiative belongs to the community TBM Institute Kaunas Vytautas stateliness.

Help "Freedom": Napoleon Orda was born February 11, 1807 in the estate Vorotsevichi in Brest. He was an artist, composer, pianist, teacher. Left more than 1,000 watercolors and graphic works. Painter portrayed the most beautiful corners of Belarus — its cathedrals, churches, castles, palaces and manor houses.
Napoleon Orda creativity associated with the artistic life of Belarus and Poland. From 1823 he studied at the Vilnius Institute. In 1827 was excluded for belonging to Enigma Student Society "Zoriane." Insurrectionist 1830 — 1831 period. After his oppression was in exile in France. Middle of the 1840s — the director of the Italian Opera in Paris.
Since 1856 he lived in Vorotsevichi in 1862-1863 — in Grodno, and later — in the Volyn region. Died April 26, 1883.

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