Belarus has increased the number of patients with alcoholism

More than 6 thousand people the number of those who are registered in addiction services unhealthy addiction.
As Vladimir Maximchuk, the Belarusian population was "wrong attitude to alcohol," it is not aware that the non-hazardous and relevant doses of alcohol does not exist, it does not matter what dose is harmful.
For past year about 110 thousand Belarusians were taken to hospital emergency rooms in the state alcohol yanennya up». Unfortunate cases of alcohol poisoning and died more than 3 thousand people, the same person in an intoxicated state made suicide.
As Vladimir Maximchuk duration of a man who drinks alcohol is reduced by an average of 15 years, people suffering from alcoholism — for 22 years.
According to the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis, in Last year in Belarus was Sales of 10.6 liters of pure alcohol per capita. In 2005 this figure was 9.3 liters.

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