Belarus has not yet reacted to the agreement of Poland and the United States

Agreement, namely dyslyakatsyya foreseen by the Polish countryside battery "Patriot", and in 2012 in Poland planned to house became South American garrison. The document also contains a declaration on ensuring America’s military assistance in case of danger for Poland from third states.

A.NagavitsynThis decision has caused a nervous reaction in Moscow. Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsin stated that the Polish step goes unpunished — say, Poland at risk of becoming a target for Russian missiles if positioned at the South American.
Or share Russia’s concerns at the official level in Belarus — is unclear, the reaction foreign minister about this yet. Did not react to the South American neighborhood in Poland and Alexander Lukashenko.
According to Lieutenant Colonel missile forces tactical mission retired Vladimir Nistuk, signing of an agreement to accelerate action in South Ossetia — Russian behavior during the conflict in Georgia seriously worried Western governments:
"That was the last push. Polish government strongly that a lot of time intended to explore this situation — what might be the consequences, as it may affect the economic relations with Russia and other countries paslyasavetskimi. And at the moment of action in the Caucasus simply pushed to the decision . I think they have the right it mattersbe. There may be many ways to evaluate the situation, but Poland did what she had to do. "

SurikovIt clarifies the sovereign Nistuk, Belarus — the country is very presentable on the basis of beliefs strategic placement of tactical weapons on the European mainland. Now it is confirmed and salting of in Belarus Alexander Surikov, who gave realize that kontradeyanni Moscow in response to the US-Polish pact will not be forced himself long expected. With all this, he explained that the creation of an anti-NATO shield will be connected and Belarus. In his view, the terrain of the country can be arranged missile complex "Iskander" and strategic bomber.
In turn, Vladimir Nistuk recalls that the primary objects for a preemptive strike or strike back — it just means a nuclear attack. In this case, Belarus will simply become hostage to the ambitions of the Russian authorities. A statement by the Ambassador Surikov expert sees as a kind of litmus test — test the reaction of the Belarusian authorities, the Belarusian society, world society:
"As for the expression of the sovereign Surikov, not the first time Russian politicians and diplomats to allow themselves to decide the fate of missile weapon placement on the terrain of the Republic of Belarus. Question exclusively that complex" Iskander ", as well as other Russian systems are intended for use not only ordinary weapons, and nuclear weapons. And the question appears not only in the fact that someone is planning something positioning, the question is who gives the right these people at the moment so to declare? After all, we still sovereign government. We have power and, like it or who treated, and there is almost 10-million people. And if the decision was made in the Constitution, even in 1996 (as was the case in the main law of 1994), that our country is bezyadernay pazablekavay and then, for sure, no one has no right to make such statements. I’m staring a contract to develop the Union countries, and even there is nothing about this no. "
The plans also comes razmyashchenne U.S. radar in the Czech Republic. This year in early July a corresponding agreement was signed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg. Radar will be ready for operation by 2014.

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