Belarus — in the midst of the worst media freedom

For many years, Belarus is not free countries — those where an estimated "Freedom House", free media or non-existent or are in de minimis quantities.
On the situation of media freedom in Belarus and other statesah the post-Soviet space we discussed with the director of research "Freedom House" by Christopher Walker.
Walker"In general, the data collected by" Freedom House "in the former Soviet Union, excluding the Baltic rather gloomy. Yet there are certain differences between countries in the region. At the end of the scale, a number of states among the worst on media freedom in the world. Talking about countries with obscurantist regimes which do not produce any noticeable reforms: Turkmenistan, Belarus and Uzbekistan. These countries in the midst of the worst media freedom in the world and the worst in This is the meaningth region.
Immediately we litsezreem the former Soviet Union countries, which, though not high priced, in our analysis, yet characterized by a zeal for economic modernization. Among these states Our homeland and Kazakhstan. And here the question: Will the regimes that seek economic modernization, to achieve their own goals, limiting the development of a healthy and decent media sector.
According to our estimates, if we take into account our analysis of press freedom in the world, there are only two countries that fall into the category of "partly free." This Ukraine and Georgia. 10 other states of the former Soviet Union, excluding the Baltic, assessed as "not free", said the director of research of the human rights organization «Freedom House» Christopher Walker. Tags: media, rating, Walker, house, freedom, Belarus

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