Belarus increases tariffs for transit of Russian oil to Europe

Economy Ministry emphasizes that the new tariffs adopted "on the basis of the average specific tariff for oil transportation on territory of Russia — 0.6 U.S. dollar per 1 ton per 100 km route."
Transportation tons of oil through Belarus in the northern section of the oil pipeline "Druzhba" is now going to cost 3.5 dollar Russian companies on the south section — 1.5 bucks.
Despite the increase in tariffs for the transit of oil through Belarus remains the least, than the price of oil transportation through Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia.
Last transit tariffs Russian oil through Belarus revised in 1996. For this time price increased transit services. Through Belarus annually transports about 80 — 90 million tons of Russian oil.
Russian Minister of Economic Development and Trade German Gref in response to decision Belarusian government said Belarus may raise tariffs on oil transit only method to enter into a bilateral agreement with Russia.
By him, currently studying the Russian side proposed Belarus tariff rates for oil transit, and the company "Transneft" conducts appropriate calculations.
"If these rates keep within the framework of the existing indexation, I think it is applicable," — said Gref. With all this, he said that if Belarusian side time to tell the Russian Federation and will be held bilateral talks, the change in tariffs for the transit of oil "is completely probable."

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